More anti-gun stupidity from Across the Pond

Britain is nothing if not ban-happy.  It wasn’t enough to ban guns after the Dunblane Massacre back in 1989.  They’re now going after starter pistols.  Why?  Because some criminals used them recently in some holdups. Granted, the thugs had converted them from blank-firing to be able to fire live ammunition, but as with all bans for political reasons, this one is having unexpected consequences.  Go figure.

Olympic hopefuls now find their training events grinding to a halt.  How do you start a race without some way of letting the participants know that it’s actually starting?

This from the country that’s hosting the Olympics in 2012.

So, all you athletic event runners, you’d best not be caught with one of these things… you’ll spend 5 years in prison if you dare try and start that Olympic training race properly.

And to all you brilliant British parliamentarians and bureaucrats… Well Done!

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