Trudeau Hypocrisy #737 – “Carbon Offsets”

This week we learned our condescending Prime Minister uses 2 airplanes to criss-cross the nation during the 2019 election campaign. Worse, we learned he did the same thing in 2015. “Despite marching in climate strikes, lecturing everybody else on lowering

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Liberal Karen Ludwig distorts facts to play the victim card

New Brunswick’s Jeff Young is an outspoken advocate for our firearms community. He’s also been working day and night since June 26, 2018, to ensure Liberal MP Karen Ludwig’s defeat in October.

Ms. Ludwig (New Brunswick Southwest) is well aware of Jeff Young’s opinion of her, and his commitment to defeat her. She is rightly terrified his efforts will be successful.

Why? Because he is tenacious, determined and relentless.

So when Jeff added a comment specifically aimed at Ms. Ludwig to his post about T.J Harvey’s “pensionability” last year, she cropped his original post to make herself look like the “victim.”

Gun Bans = Scandal-Ridden Liberal Escape Hatch

Liberal scandals are always bad news for gun owners. Justin Trudeau’s latest blackface scandal is no different. When faced with his own racist past, Trudeau had to change the channel as fast as possible, and that meant pulling out that

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Trudeau to Canadians: “I’m not racist. See my new profile pic for proof!”

Hoping Canadians weren’t paying attention to anything but his micro-apology, Justin Trudeau replaced his Twitter profile picture with a photo of him talking to a young black person to prove he’s not a racist. The message is clear. “I’m not

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3 of 4 Election 2019 Results are Disastrous for Gun Owners

The Canadian election kicked off this week, and the future of civilian firearm ownership hangs on the outcome. That’s bad news for gun owners, given 3 of the 4 possible Election 2019 results are disastrous for gun owners. The following

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Amazon Canada’s #1 Hot New Release in Politics

Like me, you probably have thousands of dollars invested in your firearms. Like me, you can’t afford to get this election wrong. First, I apologize for the long absence (again) from the blog… It’s been a while since I’ve written,

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Policy on Storing RCMP-Issue Guns Released – Finally

I filed my original ATIP for the RCMP policy on storing RCMP-issue firearms in unattended vehicles on August 20, 2018. Two days later the RCMP’s ATIP department acknowledged my request. That was the last I heard from them.

Climate Barbie’s $12 Million Gift to Loblaws

How dare mere citizens question the wisdom of handing $12 million to a company who posted an $800 million profit in 2018?

Detective Shane Donovan is Worthy of Our Support

“Nathan Parker is no innocent person. I can tell you … that if he got shot, it’s because he made the other person fear for his life. He’s a frightening person,” said his brother, Philip Parker.

The Bill C-71 Book Earns Amazon Bestseller Badge

Currently [March 25, 2019], it’s the #1 book in one category, and is #2 in the larger “Firearms and Weapons” category. If you want to purchase a copy today and help us hit the #1 spot in this category, I promise we won’t be sad. It’s not about book royalties (a massive $0.30 per book) but bragging rights!