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Thank you very much for subscribing to this email list, and for your support of independent film production.

Making movies requires a lot of resources, both in time and money, but primarily time, for productions like this.  We can’t afford to pay anyone, not even ourselves, so any money we can raise that offsets the costs of actual production helps immensely.

Travel and accommodation expenses are what really takes their toll, as Canada is a large country, and just getting ourselves and our gear to an interview with someone three provinces away, for example, can be pretty exorbitant.

That’s why your support of our film-making endeavors is so encouraging and welcomed!.  We’re so grateful that you see the value of the work we’re trying to do, educating our fellow Canadians about Freedom and Rights, and what those concepts mean in today’s society.

If you would like to download a copy of our documentaries for distribution to your friends and neighbors, please use the links below to make a nominal donation of just $9.00 to cover the costs of bandwidth and overhead.

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Christopher di Armani



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