If you’d like to watch one or more of my films, dramatic or documentary, then you’ve come to the right place!

Just make your selection from then the links below to for free:

System Failure — Dramatic Short Film — 15 mins

The breakdown of the family and the justice system come crashing in on Catherine as she struggles to face her abusive marriage. She finally takes steps to protect herself and her children, discovering too late the police are unable to protect her from her sadistic husband.

In a remote cabin where Catherine thought she was safe, this breakdown of family, justice and police systems comes to a startling climax.



Good Men vs Bad Law — Documentary — 30 mins

This documentary chronicles CUFOA from the very beginning, and discusses why they were founded, why their membership opposes Canada’s Firearms Act and follows members of the CUFOA executive to Ottawa for their historic January 1, 2003 Protest on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill.  While the outcome of that protest wasn’t what they expected, it did teach them alot about the government they opposed and the lengths to which that government would go to avoid the issue.



Illegal Acts — Documentary — 40 mins

This documentary chronicles the Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners Association’s 2003 cross-country Protest against Canada’s Firearms Act.

In each provincial capital these men dared the federal government to enforce the Firearms Act.

Along they way they met with Brian Buckley, owner of Canada’s only CFC-registered soldering gun, were threatened with arrest if they so much as took a photograph of the CFC Centre in Miramichi, and dared the Prime Minister to send them to jail.


Shootout At Rock Creek — Documentary — 20 mins

This is the story of the Gordon Hitchen Memorial Skeet Shoot held in Rock Creek on October 31, 2004. Event organizer Willy Floyd and others explain why they held this event in Gordon’s honour, and why they were using this event and Gordon’s name to protest Canada’s Firearms Act.

Hear MP Jim Gouk explain why he was there and what he thinks of the Firearms Act, as well as tributes to both Gordon Hitchen and Dale Blue.


S3FlowPlayer web video player Review (and my thoughts on their Customer Service)

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