Support Independent Film Production!

Making movies, even small ones like “System Failure“, costs money. When you’re not paying people, the very minimum you’ve got to do is feed them, and feed them well.

Documentary production gets even more expensive, because there is travel and accommodation involved on top of feeding everyone involved.  Documentary films like Good Men vs Bad Law, Illegal Acts and Shooting at Rock Creek were all made as inexpensively as possible, but they still cost over $10,000 each to produce after editing and all the other post-production costs are added in.

System Failure was produced for under $1,000, and that was just for a three-day shoot! The majority of that was for food to feed the dozen or so people involved every day.  We were lucky to have the hospital and police donate their personnel, facilities and vehicles, otherwise that short film would have also easily cost over $10,000 too.

So please, won’t you consider making a small donation, even if it’s only $5.00, to support this type of independent film-making?




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