Senator Marilou McPhedran’s History With Coalition for Gun Control

If you watched the Senate committee hearings on Bill C-71 and wondered why Senator Marilou McPhedran is so rabidly anti-gun, it’s only because you don’t know her history.

Wendy Cukier Says I’m a Violent, Anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, Right-Wing Extremist Who Hates Women

Wendy Cukier didn’t miss a beat when she danced in the blood of 50 slain New Zealand Muslims. She immediately smeared anyone who disagreed with her strident calls for more “gun control” laws as violent racist misogynists.

Will Canada’s Battle for Property Rights Begin in Alberta?

It will if Jason Kenney leads the United Conservative Party (UCP) to victory in the Alberta provincial election.

Why Is RCMP Hiding Policy on Storing Police-Issued Guns?

Given media reports of two thefts of RCMP firearms from unattended vehicles this week alone, the RCMP’s policy on storing firearms in unattended vehicles is clearly relevant to public safety.

RCMP’s latest black eye? Constable Benjamen Kozlovich

But there is a far greater problem than terrible hiring practices at the RCMP. They refuse to fix the systemic problems that allow guys like Benjamen Kozlovich to get hired in the first place.

WANTED: Ladies Who Love Guns – I Want to Tell Your Story

Why do women own guns? In light of all the controversy surrounding federally-licensed and RCMP-vetted gun ownership, I want to tell the stories of why women like hunting, sport shooting or the simple joy of sending some lead downrange. Research

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Federal Court Upholds Decision of Director of Public Prosecutions

Justin Trudeau, our #FakeFeminist Prime Minister, fired her for refusing to be a “good little girl” and do what she was told. Turns out, the Old Boy’s Club is alive and well under our pretty prime minister and, in fact, he’s running the whole darned thing.

SNC Lavalin Always About Votes, Not Jobs

Despite the rhetoric spewing from the Prime Minister and everyone in his office, the SNC-Lavalin scandal was always about votes, not jobs. So why did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau bury Criminal Code amendments designed to favour SNC-Lavalin deep in the

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Baby Unicorn Asks Trudeau

Justin Trudeau & Catherine McKenna Baby Unicorn wants to know… If the point of your Carbon Tax is make corporations pay, why did you exempt Canada’s largest carbon emitters? #CarbonTax #CarbonTaxScam #cdnpoli