Uncertain Allies (North American Empire Series Book 3)

Uncertain Allies (North American Empire Series Book 3)
eBook: $6.69
Series: North American Empire, Book 3
Genre: Action and Adventure
Publisher: Christopher McGarry
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 213 pages
Illustrator: Shelyse Richard

Ever so slowly, the tide is turning in favor of the rebel bands throughout the United States and Canada who’ve been fighting a harrowing, often losing battle against the overbearing, despotic regime in Denver.

With his military forces being driven from previously occupied territories in Asia and Eastern Europe, President Asher orders them back to North America to combat the burgeoning insurgent menace.

The Russian Army, which has recently subjugated Alaska, extends an olive branch in the form of aid and weapons to the beleaguered, frequently isolated and under-equipped rebel forces.

Representatives from the Calgary, Montana-Wyoming and Seattle regions of Free North America travel to Kamloops to meet with Jake Scribner, Thompson-Nicola governor Robert Hunt as well as a small group of Russian troops led Yuri Volodin, a charismatic young army major.

Concurrently, ragtag militia groups in southeastern Missouri and southwestern Illinois work together to defeat the federal government forces occupying the region and liberate bridges crossing the Mississippi River.

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