Conditions of Use

Occasionally I get requests from people wanting to use my articles. Here are my thoughts on the subject.

Generally, I don’t believe permission is required for anyone to use my articles.  For profit enterprises like magazines and newspapers excepted, of course.

Here is what I would expect if you are going to use and/or share my articles elsewhere:

1. If you want to use an article from this site in a newspaper or magazine, please contact me through my Support Desk where we can discuss terms of use.

2. If you are posting to a forum or email list, please provide the complete link to the article you are distributing.

3. If you are posting an article on your website or blog, please provide a link to the original article here on my site.  I would also appreciate your including an “About the Author” box at the end of the article, but that is not an absolute requirement.  See the bottom of this page for text.

4. If you want to reprint an article and distribute it off-line, fill your boots.  All I would ask is that somewhere in your reprint is a link to and/or a link to the original article on this site.


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Christopher di Armani is a freelance writer and filmmaker who deals with issues affecting our God-given Rights and Freedoms.  He writes daily on these subjects and more at and you can contact him through