Ontario Human Rights Commission out of control

The Ontario Human Rights Commission is completely out of control.

First, they’ve ruled that a private Catholic School Board has no right to fire someone who doesn’t share their beliefs.   That’s absurd.

“Discrimination” is not a bad thing.  Every human being does it every single day. What business will I patronize?  What restaurant?  What school will I send my children to?  Why?

We ALL do it every day.  It’s hardly a human rights violation.  It’s called choice.  It’s what we do.

So why is making choices such an evil thing in today’s loony-left world?  As far as I can tell, it’s only evil when you make choices that these Orwellian doublespeak goon-squads don’t like it.

Like when a private Catholic school decides it doesn’t want people who think UFO’s are gods teaching the children under their care.

The Catholic board chose to end the contract in January 2007 after discovering their membership in the cult, which claims that humans were planted on Earth by benevolent extraterrestrials.

That belief directly violates pretty much everything the Catholic faith is based on.  It would be insane if the school board HADN’T ended the contract.

Now, before you get me completely wrong, let me be clear about this:  If I’m on the board of that school, and someone comes to me and wants me to hire the “Academy of Pleasurology and Emotional Intelligence“, the very first thing I’m gong to do is kick them out of my office.  I’m sure not going to hire them.

Just from the name of their company, they sound like loonies to me.  That’s discrimination.  Making a choice.  But it’s certainly NOT a human rights violation.

And even if I am dumb enough to hire them, and discover later that their beliefs don’t line up with mine and I fire them… it’s still not a violation of anyone’s human rights.  I have the right to hire people who believe similarly to me.  And if they don’t, and those beliefs negatively impact the students under my care, it’s my duty and my obligation to fire them.

Otherwise their so-called human rights trump those of the children under my care.

But not according to the Ontario Human Rights thugs.  The children have no rights.  At least none that count for anything…

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