3 thoughts on “Good to be son of a cop when you’re busted with an illegal handgun!

  1. Who do YOU think you are? Your sarcasm is repulsive. You don’t know the full story and you should therefore keep your opinions to yourself. There’s so much more corruption going on in the world, so much more to write about and you choose this? Get a life, honestly.

    “He was sentenced to, get this, one year of house arrest.” Well how long do you think he should serve for possession of marijuana that EVERY 18 year old has access to and a handgun that was never used? Life in prison? MURDERERS IN CANADA GET OFF WITH A SLAP ON THE WRIST!!! AND YOU WANT THIS POOR KID TO GO TO JAIL?
    He’s not a hardened criminal!
    Also, one of the reasons he got off was because it was A COMPLETELY UNLAWFUL SEARCH, there was no search warrant presented and anything found is therefore not eligible as evidence and cannot be held against him. Did you read the original story? No you’re blowing “the cop father” angle out of proportion.
    No matter what I say, you’re set in your ways, but know that Andrew has been through a lot, more than you will ever know. And you should be ashamed.

  2. honestly i no this kid were freinds and you dont nothing about nothing first off it wasnt just a year.. b4 he got that sentence he was already doing to years of strict house arresst. on top of that it was a illeageal search and if he went to trial there was a 50/50 chance he would get off thats why he got the year.. and you think his the only kid to get arressted with a gun and get housse arrest what are you stupid. And if you new anything about the kourts alot of people bring up there past and what happen to them because thats what lead them to the point where there standing in front of a judge.. not bekause they want people to feel sorry or to he had a bad life it aint his fault. that’s not the kase he knows rite and wrong i aint hear him say b4 that it wasnt his fault or he had a rough life thats why he did it.. he excepts responsibilites for his actions. and truly this is pretty sad you write about this what about all the molested kids in the world and there atackers only get a few years… and andrew gets it easy kause his dads a kop ur stupid his dad had nothing to do with it he aint even live with him growing up.. so please find better things to write about that are more important or just get a life watever works for you.

  3. one another thing did you no when he first got arressted he went to jail for a week.. if this is true what you say that its good to be a kops son kause he wont go to jail.. then why did he.. so dosent this kinda make your whole logic that he got of kause of his father look stupid seeing as he went to jail

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