And the Special Treatment for Spouse-Abusing RCMP members just keeps on coming…

One of my ongoing pet peeves is the special treatment RCMP members receive at the hands of our so-called justice system.

Let’s say, just for clarity, a man works at a shooting club. He’s in charge of the place and has access to firearms all day long. At night he goes home and beats his wife, leaving her with bruises on her neck. Twice.

Nobody would bat an eye at preventing this man, by court order, from keeping his guns or having access to them, even though as a result of this court order he would lose his job since a firearms license would be a prerequisite for that job.  They certainly wouldn’t give him an exception to have his guns only while at work, so long as he promised to lock them up when he went home at night.

The rules are vastly different, sadly, when the abusive spouse happens to wear a yellow stripe down his leg and the RCMP shield on his chest. Then suddenly the rules put in place to stop abusive spouses like him evaporate.

RCMP Corporal Bartholomew Doerr is one such man. A Kamloops news report makes it quite clear the ongoing double-standard for RCMP member treatment is alive and well.

The RCMP placed Corporal Doerr, stationed at the Clearwater RCMP Detachment in highway patrol, on administrative leave (aka an RCMP paid vacation) once spousal abuse allegations came to light.

Constable Sadie Doerr is clearly afraid of her estranged husband, a fact the court order makes quite clear.

Crown prosecutor Alexander MacDonell said that by entering into the peace bond, Doerr agreed to several facts. Those included that that Sadie fears injury from him and that two violent incidents occurred.

Doerr admitted to exchanging blows with his wife on Sept. 4 this year. On Oct. 8, he pushed her with enough force to cause redness on her neck, MacDonell said.

Peace bonds are made available through the Criminal Code, often in cases involving domestic conflict between individuals. Peace bonds usually impose a restriction on possessing firearms, but MacDonell said that imposition could result in Doerr losing his job.

When a Crown prosecutor cares more about the abusive man losing his job than protecting the woman that man readily admits to beating at least twice, one really has to wonder how society’s priorities got  turned so upside down.

Crown prosecutor Alexander MacDonell ought to be ashamed of himself and his conduct in this case.

1 thought on “And the Special Treatment for Spouse-Abusing RCMP members just keeps on coming…

  1. As we have seen over the past years, our law enforcement agencies have become a nauseating collection of self serving, incompetent and overzealous buffoons.

    In the case of the RCMP, dereliction of duty is the very least of their talents and, aside from their being rather adept at getting themselves shot and killed in large numbers by lone drug dealing psychopaths, deaths wrought from their own clownish behaviour and incompetence, we have borne stunned witness as through politically correct bumbling, service to self and idiotic buffoonery, the “Musical Ride” has become a sickening carnival sideshow of zeal, decay, corruption, criminality and unprofessional stupidity.

    We have watched as the RCMP have enthusiastically engaged in murder, manslaughter, theft, assault, assault causing bodily harm, criminal negligence, grotesque acts of sexual deviance, perjury, fraud, criminal negligence causing death, drunk driving, theft and distribution of classified information, theft of evidence, trafficking in narcotics, pedophilia, destruction of evidence and witness tampering.

    In light of this criminality, it begs the question as to why in the name of Christ would we trust them , let alone turn to them to provide us with protection. As far as our expectation of their upholding and enforcing the law is concerned………utterly laughable.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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