Jeffrey Reynolds denied bail for murdering his own unborn child

You may recall the story I wrote back on October 26, 2012 titled “Jeffrey Reynolds: Just another deranged psychopath with ringworm?

On October 23, 2012 in Livingston, Louisiana, Jeffrey Reynolds, an utterly depraved and pathetic human being, [allegedly] took a knife and sliced open his wife’s abdomen, severely injuring her and murdering their unborn child.

Needless to say, the baby died, but somehow his 28-year-old wife Paula Reynolds miraculously survived both wounds and is recovering in hospital.  She expects to make a full recovery, physically, but it’s anyone’s guess whether she will ever recover mentally from this heinous act by the man who supposedly loved her.

Jeffery-Reynolds11Shock of shocks, this [alleged] murderer was denied bail recently, although the reason is a little strange.  He’d actually called his mother-in-law and said he would flee the jurisdiction if released on bail because he feared for his own life.

Umm… okay.

Bail for Jeffery Reynolds, the Walker man accused of attacking his pregnant wife and killing the child she was carrying, was revoked Monday by 21st Judicial District Judge Brenda Ricks.

Reynolds has been held in the Livingston Parish Jail since his Oct. 23 arrest on counts of first-degree feticide, attempted second-degree murder and battery on a police officer.

Jeffery Reynolds, 31, had been held in lieu of $500,000 bail. Ricks ruled in favor of a request from Assistant District Attorney Charlotte Herbert to deny Reynolds bail because he could pose a threat to Paula Reynolds and others in the community.

Herbert noted a letter Jeffery Reynolds sent to Patricia “Patty” Cook, the mother of Paula Reynolds.

Fighting back tears, Cook testified Monday that in mid-November she received a long letter from Jeffery Reynolds saying that if he could raise bail, he would leave Louisiana and go to Florida. In the letter, Cook testified, Reynolds wrote that if he remained in Louisiana, “someone might try to kill me.”

That someone would attempt to kill him is probably a stretch, given that anyone who wanted to see him suffer wouldn’t want his pain to end quite so quickly, or easily, for that matter.  A long prison sentence spent in isolation might be precisely the kind of pain those who care for the woman and child he [allegedly] so callously murdered and tried to murder might like to see.

I for one would be quite happy to watch this man, assuming he is found guilty of the crimes he [allegedly] committed, rot in a small prison for the rest of his born days.

Is that harsh?


But it’s a lot more compassion than this pathetic excuse for a human being showed his wife and child, and probably a lot more than he deserves.

A wife and unborn child are precious gifts to be cherished and protected at all costs, not hacked and slashed to pieces… so you’ll excuse me if I don’t feel too compassionate for this [alleged] murderer of those he ought to hold in the highest esteem.


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