The Inconvenient Truth about Warren Kinsella, Guns and Freedom of Speech


Warren Kinsella is a very strange man.  That’s truly the kindest thing I can say about him.

Warren Kinsella believes in Freedom of Speech, but only for himself and a select few others. Kinsella’s preference, being a good Liberal at heart, is to silence anyone who disagrees with his worldview, and he’s not above using the court system to do precisely that.

Freedom-of-Speech-blue_ribbonFor we mere citizens Freedom of Speech is a right best left to those worthy of it, like Warren Kinsella.

In the latest drivel he passes off as a column, Warren Kinsella attempted to make the case that the National Rifle Association (NRA) is a terrorist organization, primarily because the NRA disagrees with Kinsella’s blinding brilliance.

Kinsella conveniently forgets (willfully ignores?) that in defending the Second Amendment the NRA uses the very same Right that Kinsella uses to attack and defame them: Freedom of Speech.

Let’s call this an “inconvenient truth.”

Another “inconvenient truth” is that firearms in the hands of decent people save thousands of lives every single day.

Daft loons like Kinsella would prefer, no doubt, that Sarah Dawn McKinley be raped and murdered by a home invader than do what she did: shoot the scumbag dead as be broke through her locked front door.

Kinsella and his ilk steadfastly refuse face another “inconvenient truth” that Israel, when faced with terrorists hijacking airplanes, simply trained and armed their flight crews.  The hijacking of Israeli airplanes stopped immediately.

They also refuse to accept the “inconvenient truth” that Israel, when faced with terrorist attacks on their schools, trained and armed their school teachers.  Once again, the terrorist attacks stopped.  Immediately.

There are bad people in the world.  Nobody denies that.  The problem is that folks like Warren Kinsella and his ivory-tower friends believe rendering good people defenseless is the best way to protect them.

The exact opposite is true, of course, otherwise we would have no need for armed police, Prime Minister Harper would have no need of armed guards, and Warren Kinsella could live out his days in his fantasy of an ideal world.

Sadly, reality is far different from the addled dreams of people like Warren Kinsella.

The only thing that stops evil-doers is a gun in the hand of a responsible person.  Why else would we send heavily-armed SWAT teams to Sandy Hook Elementary School, if not to stop an armed madman?

The truth is so incredibly inconvenient sometimes,  isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “The Inconvenient Truth about Warren Kinsella, Guns and Freedom of Speech

  1. truth be known,the best solution all round for the current ridiculousness is to take all firearms away from all police forces…let ’em get back to ground zero and see what life is really all about,when threatened with violent mayhem…rare you say?…well then,what’s the big deal ?…at the end of the whole argument,law enforcement carry sidearms for one purpose,and one purpose only,and that is for their OWN protection…find me any contract with law enforcement in North America which states that the officers are responsible for any citizens’ personal safety,on a regular/daily, and ongoing basis…cain’t be done,y’all…you,and you alone,in the first instance,and first response,are in charge of your personal safety…cheers…

    Wyatt E.

  2. Come on Christopher, you have to accept that there is an elemental existence of people like the “knee pad king”, who is but another rebel without a cause and tiger without claws, a legend in his own mind, like so many other pathetic peons of pedantry occupying the ranks of the looney left.

    Such are hypocrites, for while they rail against fascism on one hand, they embrace it themselves on the other with an intolerance and maliciousness that would have barred them from the ranks of the inquisitors of yesteryear for being too unforgiving.

    While they defame any who do not echo the same verbal diahretic drivel as they do, they are to be pitied as mentally deficient and lacking in any collective reasoning ability.

    They will see in time that home invasions, a growing problem, cannot eb resolved by throwing bagels but it is their choice of they would rather submit to the beatings, rapes, robberies and even murders that occur in such events, than own a firearm and fight back.

    Leave them to their own devices, they are but paperweights in the reality of present day living, clouds without water and wandering spirits adrift on the sea of accumulated liberal sewage. They survive by drinking that water willingly and encouraging the rest of us to do the same.

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