Canada’s Firearms Act is a Success!!! NOT.

It’s a classic case, really.

“A Toronto man” who already has two separate lifetime firearms prohibitions against him gets arrested.  Again. With a handgun.

His first firearms prohibition came in 2009 after he was caught with a loaded .357 magnum handgun the year prior.  His second lifetime firearms prohibition came after he was sentenced to, get this, three years probation, for armed robbery with a firearm.

Yeah, the Firearms Act works.  Just really really badly, as this case shows all too well.

Rowan Akeem Atkins, now faces new charges, including possession of a restricted firearm and ammunition without a license.

Interestingly enough, a search of the criminal conviction database doesn’t come up with any entries for Mr. Atkins.  Weird, because you’d think that armed robbery might be considered serious.  Apparently not in Canada.

Isn’t it great?  Two Lifetime Firearms Prohibitions can’t stop this guy from getting a handgun and committing more violent crime.

The question that goes unanswered, and isn’t even asked, is this:

Why the **** was this guy not in jail in the first place?

It completely baffles me.  I mean seriously… it really baffles me.

How is this guy walking the streets after convictions for armed robbery, and Bruce Montague, who’s never hurt anyone in his life, sits rotting in prison for 18 months because he refused to renew his firearms license and he dared challenge the constitutionality of Canada’s Firearms Act.

Obviously career criminals have more value in society than a husband, father and productive member of society, although I personally cannot fathom what that value might be.

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