Is America Governed by a Leader or Ruled by a Tyrant?


When dictators come to power, the first thing they do is take away the people’s weapons. It makes it so much easier to force the will of the ruler upon the ruled.

I do not believe that [our nation’s leaders] have any desire to impose a dictatorship upon us. But this does not mean that such will always be the case. A nation rent internally, as ours has been in recent years, is always ripe for a man on a white horse.

A deterrent to that man, or to any man seeking unlawful power, is the knowledge that those who oppose him are not helpless.”

— President Ronald Reagan

President Obama wants to disarm America.  According to President Ronald Reagan that leaves little doubt about the character of our current president.

He’s a tyrant, even if only a benevolent one for the time being.

Once the guns are gone… so will the benevolence.

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