Must be nice to be a Corrupt Toronto Cop at Sentencing Time


I truly get sick of seeing corrupt policemen, instead of receiving prison time for their crimes, be rewarded for them instead by our asinine justice system.

Clearly judges in Ontario are taking lessons in stupidity from B.C. Supreme Court Judge Janice Dillon, who sentenced former RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson to a whopping 30 days of house arrest for obstruction of justice after he killed Orion Hutchinson while driving drunk.

Justice Gladys Pardu, in doing what judges seem to do best when confronted with corrupt cops, decided they have “suffered enough” and that the trials and retrials of these corrupt former and serving Toronto Police Service members has had a “catastrophic effect” on them and their families.

So what?  That’s the price one pays for abusing the public trust in such a “catastrophic” manner.

It is ironic that police, judges and politicians find it hard to comprehend why we mere citizens have no faith in our police and justice system.  They cannot fathom why we mere citizens have little respect and even less trust in the system.

How can we trust a system where the most atrocious behavior by serving police officers is rewarded with 45 days of house arrest?

Here’s a hint to these out-of-touch buffoons: You want us to take judges seriously?  Then sentence corrupt cops to something that somehow, even remotely, looks like justice.

Forty-five days of house arrest just doesn’t cut it.

And to add insult to this atrocious sentence… all five men, John Schertzer, Nebojsa (Ned) Maodus, Joseph Miched, Raymond Pollard, and Const. Steven Correia, are considering appealing this sentence!

And they call this the biggest police corruption case in Canadian history?

More like the biggest judicial pandering to police corruption in Canadian history…

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