Benjamin Gabriel Sebena charged in capital murder of Wauwatosa Police Officer Jennifer Lynn Sebena

It appears the sympathy I expressed in the opening paragraph of my December 24th article for the husband of murdered Wauwatosa Police Officer Jennifer Lynn Sebena was misplaced.

A husband is grieving the senseless loss of his wife this very minute.  Instead of preparing Christmas Eve dinner for his bride, Wauwatosa Police Officer Jennifer Lynn Sebena’s husband must now prepare for a funeral instead.

Instead of grieving the loss of his wife, he was responsible for it.

News reports now say that former Marine Benjamin Gabriel Sebena has admitted to murdering his wife in cold blood by shooting her five times in the head.

Ben Sebena has reportedly admitted to police that he was a jealous husband and that he stalked his wife for days in the lead-up to murdering her. What caused him to finally go through with his depraved plan is unknown, although he says he shot his wife repeatedly in the face because he “didn’t want her to suffer”.

Uh huh.

On Thursday, December 27, 2012 Ben Sebena was formally charged with first-degree intentional homicide for the murder of his wife, Jennifer.

ABC News reported

Investigators said they found a number of details tying Ben Sebena to the killing. Surveillance video showed a vehicle that matches his in the area near the time of the shooting, and detectives who searched the couple’s home found a gun in the attic that fires ammunition matching the bullet casings found at the scene. They also found Jennifer Sebena’s service weapon hidden in the attic.

None of that looks very good for the former Marine, to say the least.

If jealousy is indeed the motive for killing his wife, that only makes her death even more senseless in light of his claims to have “rediscovered his faith in God” in a 2010 video created for Elmbrook Church.

Last I checked, the Bible didn’t advocate murdering your wife…

Such a stupid and senseless waste of two lives… I really don’t know what else to say.


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