SunTV’s David Menzies – One Class Act

Sun News morning host David Menzies is often considered a comedian with little serious to say.

Monday morning on his “Menzoid Mornings” segment David Menzies proved otherwise with his incredibly thoughtful and classy commentary on the Friday massacre of 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.


2 thoughts on “SunTV’s David Menzies – One Class Act

  1. Very well said, although it doesn’t do much to lift a heavy heart, it does help us understand what the real problems are.
    We just have to get the politicians and our government to do the RIGHT thing!! We can’t seem to stop the lunatics bent on mayhem therefore we must protect OURSELVES and our loved ones from THEM!!

  2. First off…..Yes…a good report by Menzies…. although a little generous with Obama’s speech. I’m sure we all picked up on the under-tones of what was “Really” going on in his mind. And….I can see the Clintons, the Bloombergs, and a host of Anti-Gun Groups jumping up and down, thinking, “What a golden opportunity to get back on the Band Wagon”….Oh….the 26 people…?…”Yes…that was sad, but look a the glorious Gift we’ve got here”.
    I read somewhere in a Political magazine, (stated by a previous Whitehouse Advisor). The Government just sits and waits for some form of Disaster, (And…if they can’t wait, create one. (Fast & Furious?)Then…they can pass any Bill they want, that they couldn’t get passed before, under the guise of changing things for the better.

    Second…..It seems the most comments regarding the Assault Rifles, were the methods of obtaining the purchase of one. (Not the refusal of purchasing one) but that won’t satisfy the Anti-gun Groups.
    It has always baffled me, Why ?……can a 16 year old can purchase a Mustang, Corvette, or Porche’…with a Speedometer reading of 185 miles per hour…but no back-ground check on his Mental State or Ability to drive…hmmmmm.

    And third….Your 3 step method would work for all scenario’s…Schools, Universities…wherever….especial the retired personnel. They’ve spent their lives protecting the Country…they’re used to firearms, and they’re used to confrontations, especially deadly ones. (Sure beats a Walmart Greeter.)

    Fourth…..I’ve always been amazed by the many millions of Children in Hospitals…fighting daily for their life. And…in the end, many DO make it, and sadly, some don’t…BUT… least…they had a chance….

    These poor 26 souls did not have a chance….my heart goes out to them all, and their family and friends.

    But…you know….they DID have a chance…….but the Government said “No”…No school protection with firearms……!!!

    Thanks Chris….good articles on this difficult day of our lives.

    Norm Sharp

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