30% of Americans are Nanny State Sheeple



The TSA, surprisingly, does not currently perform oral, anal or vaginal cavity searches, but the shocking statistic that 30% of Americans would willingly submit to body cavity searches by TSA agents horrified me.  The poll, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of InfoWars.com, showed that an astronomically high percentage of Americans would willingly submit themselves to degradation by TSA agents.

The phrase “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” has clearly lost its lustre.

In the same poll, a shocking 37% of respondents said they would willingly wear a stun bracelet just so long as they could fly the friendly skies with little delay.  A stun bracelet is similar to a taser, but it can be operated remotely and can immobilize a single passenger at will.

What kind of sheep would willingly don such a device?

American sheep.

In this poll over one third of respondents (35%) said it was “completely acceptable” or “somewhat acceptable” for TSA agents to touch the genital areas of passengers.


What has happened to the fabric of America, that former bastion of Liberty and Freedom, when this many Americans would willingly submit themselves to cavity searches, stun bracelets and sexual assault by government agents just so they can hop on an airplane?

The America of my youth, or at least the America I fantasize existed in my youth, would never allow this garbage to go on, but in the 21st century thoughts of Liberty and Freedom seem far from the minds of many Americans.

Today’s American appears to be willing to sacrifice any amount of Liberty and Freedom for even the slightest perception of “security”.

Where have all the real Americans gone?


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