Debunking Firearm Myths: Sporting Ammunition and the Firefighter

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Institute (SAAMI) was formed by America’s leading manufacturers of firearms and ammunition in 1926 at the request of the US Federal Government.

The goals of SAAMI are:

  • Creating and publishing industry standards for safety, interchangeability, reliability and quality
  • Coordinating technical data
  • Promoting safe and responsible firearm use

One of the goals of SAAMI is to debunk the many myths that surround firearms and ammunition.  One such myth is that firearms ammunition will explode when exposed to fire.

To that end SAAMI created a video titled “Sporting Ammunition and the Fire Fighter“, designed to educate firefighters about the true dangers of ammunition in fires and to dispel many of the myths surrounding this issue.

It’s an excellent video for everyone who owns firearms to watch.

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