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Bill Whittle is an interesting guy.  He started out in life as a professing Liberal and came to his senses, as he calls it, later in life.  That said, he has embraced his inner conservative enthusiastically ever since, and works tirelessly to bring common sense back to America.

Through his Afterburner and Firewall programs on PJ Media’s PJTV, Whittle takes a critical look at how the events unfolding before us will affect us, our children and grandchildren.

One of my favourites is titled “Why we suck!” in which he makes the case that nothing is free, and that personal responsibility sucks because it means we can’t have Christmas every day.

Which is actually a good segue into the meat of this column.

While one half of the nation was wildly ecstatic that Obama was re-elected, the other half of the country went, albeit briefly, on suicide watch.

Unlike most of those who fell into depression at the thought of America voting to tank the American economy, Bill Whittle immediately went into problem-solving mode on his online show “The Stratosphere Lounge”.

In a 90-minute video streamed live on election night, Bill Whittle outlined a new vision for the half of America who was tossed in the trash heap.

He outlines an amazing project but the foundation of it is rock solid.  It requires a shift in thinking that for some will be easy, and for other will be a little tougher.  That said, it’s not an impossible shift.  It’s very doable.

Whether you watch the video or download and listen to the MP3 file, I would urge you to listen to what Bill says in his presentation at least twice.  He covers a lot of ground to make his case, and you simply won’t get it all in a single session.

I’ve listened to it twice already and will be doing so again, just to make sure I am clear on the alternate path he is proposing.

Bill Whittle is a brilliant mind and has clearly been pondering this plan for a very long time, even if most of that was in his subconscious.

That he could sit down on election night and talk this out amazes me.

I was working on a film set on election night, one of probably two conservatives on the entire set.  The cheering at the news of Obama’s re-election made me want to vomit, and while I expected Obama to be re-elected, I desperately hoped America would not be quite this stupid.

I certainly wasn’t in the head-space to, as Bill Whittle did, outline a plan for solving the problems a second Obama term will create in America!

If for no other reason than that, that he was able to start broadcasting within minutes of learning that Obama was re-elected, my hat is off to Bill Whittle, but that’s not the only reason.

His vision and solution is something that every person on Earth really should hear.  His solution isn’t “an American solution“, it’s a solution to marxism the world over.

Will it take commitment and dedication from those of us who understand what it takes to create jobs?  Absolutely.

Will it take commitment and dedication from those of us who comprehend you cannot tax the wealth producers out of existence and still have a functional economy? Of course.

Communism fails for one very simple reason.

As soon as a person realizes they will get the same paycheck whether they work hard or not work at all, they stop working.  What America voted for on November 6th was a nation where nobody works and someone, somewhere, magically will pay for it all. It defies common sense, yet tens of millions of otherwise functional people blindly believe it.

If you’re from the half of America who voted for more and better jobs, for a functional economy and for a return to the principles that once made America great, then I urge you to listen to Bill Whittle’s presentation.

I am including the video below, and as I said, it’s 90 minutes long, so if you’re unable to watch the whole thing now, or would prefer to listen to it on your iPod or MP3 player, I’ve extracted the audio portion of the presentation and created an MP3 file that you can download here:

Right-click and Download MP3



Bill Whittle – A New Beginning (recorded live on November 6, 2012 in the wake of confirmation of Obama’s re-election)

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