“I just want them to pay their fair share” – Barack Obama

“I just want them to pay their fair share”
– Barack Obama

Redistribution of wealth at the barrel of a gun is theft, pure and simple.  President Obama doesn’t comprehend this simple truth, but even children with their Halloween candy can comprehend that having someone steal what you’ve worked for so they can give it to someone else is just plain wrong.

Naturally, the culture of entitlement chatterati will spew vile epithets at anyone who disagrees with higher taxes and more government spending.  Yet the conversation never ever comes around to forcing government to live within its means, does it?  The answer is always tax more, spend more, run the printing presses just a little longer to crank out a few more greenbacks.

My thanks to Steve Crowder for providing such an excellent demonstration of why stealing from one American who has worked hard to give to another American is just plain wrong.


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