“Drinking and Walking” is dangerous? What?!?!?!

I will never understand bureaucrats.  Never.

They’ve clearly never met a human behaviour they liked.  And they also as clearly want total control over every human action imaginable.

My ” contempt for bureaucrats” as one person emailed me recently, is based on one simple observation about bureaucrats.  They believe something that I simply cannot fathom:

the RULES are more important than PEOPLE

No.  They are not. People are important.  Far more important that petty rules.

From the report Alcohol-Crash Problem in Canada: 2007 (page 15):

In Canada during 2007, almost 2 out of every 3 fatalities were operators of motor vehicles
(63.5%); 21.6% were passengers; and 14.0% were pedestrians.

Now that’s a scary statistic., right?  But as with most statistics coming from the mouths of bureaucrats, it’s incredibly self-serving.  You see, it does NOT say that 2/3’s of all motor vehicle deaths were drunk drivers.  It just said drivers.  You’re left to make the connection that doesn’t actually exist. that they were all drunk when they died.

It just isn’t so.

The next line of the report gets even better.

From this perspective, vehicle occupants, particularly drivers, remain the major road-user group of concern for traffic safety.

Occupants of motor vehicles are a “major” safety concern?

Wow.  The majority of people killed on the road are in cars.  Genius.  Why didn’t I think of that?

Again, I’m NOT belittling the deaths of anyone killed on our highways and biways.

I lost someone very near and dear to me two years ago because of a car accident.  Was it senseless?  Absolutely.  It left two daughters motherless at an incredibly young age. The only word to describe it is tragic.

But does that mean that because Allison died in a car accident that we should ban all cars?

Hardly.  That’s ridiculous.  Even Allison would agree.

But that’s the logic the moronic bureaucrats use to impose their will upon the rest of us.

You see, the Traffic Injury Foundation is a non-profit group whose primary aim is to stop road deaths and injuries.

TIRF’s mission to reduce deaths and injuries resulting from road crashes is achieved by designing, implementing, evaluating and promoting evidence-based strategies.

An admirable goal.  One I actually agree with., believe it or not.  But it’s NOT a government agency.  It’s a registered charity.

Because their data sources didn’t actually include the information they thought they wanted, they decided to make it up.  You know… get creative with things.

To overcome this data limitation, a surrogate or indirect measure of alcohol involvement is used in this report.

<sarcasm mode ON> Yeah, that’s scientific.  And honest too.

While I admire their goal, creating the data to support their position, instead of actually using the real data isn’t admirable. It’s despicable.

Moronic Quote of the Day:

You don’t think of impaired walking being a big deal but it definitely is,” says Valerie Powell, communications co-ordinator for the Canada Safety Council.

Yeah, okay.  the odds of getting killed by a car while you’re walking down the street, drunk or not, are what is called in the statistics world “statistically irrelevant”.  That means the number is too small to draw a meaningful conclusion. They even say so in their report, on page 11:

Descriptive data on fatally injured drinking pedestrians are provided in the Canada section (3.0) but not in the provincial/territorial sections (4.0 through 16.0) of the report. The number of fatally injured pedestrians in most jurisdictions is relatively small, so detailed results for these jurisdictions would not be reliable.

But that’s never stopped anyone with a personal agenda, has it.

The Canada Safety Council is the same group that takes it upon itself to tell the world that “guns are bad and evil” and must be wiped from the face of Canadian culture

The Canada Safety Council is NOT a part of the government.   It is NOT part of the Ministry of Public Safety or any other part of government, for that matter.  What is *is*, is a, and I’ll quote their website so they can’t accuse me of telling lies about them, “non-government, charitable organization“.  I’d give you a link to the text but it’s from their membership sales page, and I refuse to provide that kind of encouragement for these self-proclaimed busybodies.

Their “About Us” page lists it similarly…  “a not-for-profit, non-government organization…

Their statement of independence (gag) says the following:

“Our mandate is to serve as a credible third party acting on the sole basis of our commitment to safety for Canadians. We do not accept funding that is conditional on taking a stand contrary to the best interests of Canadians.”

What they DON’T tell you is who gets to decide what’s in the best interest of Canadians.  Let me give you a hint.  It ain’t you and me.

The chief moron at the Canada Safety Council is Emile Therien , who hates guns.  Probably with about as much passion as I love them. (Yeah, okay, he’s no longer officially the chief moron.  He retired after 18 years as the official chief moron back in 2006.)

But I digress…

The article that prompted today’s tirade was written by Misty Harris, and showed up under the following headlines around the country:

The full report that Misty based her article on can be found at the CCMTA website.

I am especially encouraged by your contempt for bureaucrats.

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