Nazi Nutritionists Are Cooking Up A Menu You Won’t Soon Forget

Maurice Strong is not a household word, yet he wields influence over your everyday life.

The former senior advisor to United Nations Secretary General Kofi Anan and controller of the World Bank was once the mentor of former Canadian LIEberal prime ministers.

Strong, who is still closely aligned with the world body and pulls a lot of puppet strings, has an agenda. It’s called Agenda 21. He wants all private land back in public hands, and he wants the United Nations to form an independent armed military in preparation for a One-World Government.

What Strong wants, Strong gets. He wants to turn the Earth’s clock back 10,000 years.

Instead of the UN continuing to stir up civil wars that commit genocides and democides to depopulate the planet, a UN army could be dispatched anywhere in the world to fill the bill.

It’s payback time for all the ecological destruction perpetrated on the Earth from an industrial civilization, theorizes Strong who is in “get even” mode. To save the Earth requires killing half the human population.

It’s all in the name of a religion called environmentalism. In the estimation of the 77-year-old Canadian-born prophet of doom, who hangs out in Geneva, enviro-reform is happening too slowly.

He is talking enviro-revolution. Now, gun owners should understand why the UN wanted a world-wide ban on small arms. The Marxists, who have patterned their master plan after the Nazis, don’t want anybody to have the ability to return fire in defense of self, family or private property.

Strong, who believes in socialism for ordinary folks, is a hardcore capitalist. The ex-government official has hypocritically amassed multi-millions of dollars in cash as well as land and other assets. And he plans on keeping his wealth.

Strong is no ordinary, off-the-shelf variety of green activist. He has been painted bright Communist and LIEberal Red. He is the one-man band who founded the United Nations Environment Program.

His non-governmental organization policies range from biodiversity to global warming, which governments everywhere have lapped up like hungry dogs. Politicians, looking for votes, and bureaucrats, engineering a headless and brainless collective government body, have wholly accepted Strong’s theories of bringing people and industry to heel.

For the past 35 years, Strong has been shouting his message from the mountaintop that the world is coming to an end day after tomorrow…unless privately-owned land is turned over to government control; industrial civilization is stopped; and part of the human population is exterminated–like the savage Nazis who thought they were doing the world a favour by exterminating the Jews.

Strong is clever, wily and well-connected in high places and quite capable of carrying out his madness. The powermonger is still in charge of UN reform, no doubt. Obviously, it’s an opposite type reform than what U.S. President George W. Bush and Great Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair have in mind for curbing tyranny around the world.

Strong, who predicts the ruination of the world through catastrophic, human-induced events by 2031, harbours a deep-seated loathing for humanity and civilization. He and his many disciples around the world have brainwashed society into his way of thinking.

For instance, Earth Day curiously falls on April 22, the birthday of Lenin (1870), the godfather who imposed Communism on Russians in 1917. The celebration is only two days off from the date marking Adolf Hitler’s birthday on April 20 (1889).

Earth Day demonstrators of the Western World ironically celebrate the same oppressive bonds that took over 70 years for Russians to shake. In major U.S. cities, Earth Dayers display placards that read: “Save the Earth; Kill Yourself”. Maybe they should all take their own advice.

If the populace is not willing to comply voluntarily, Strong will happily oblige. He is determined to save the Earth from barbaric capitalists who are accused of cooking the planet.

What the Green Clubbers have in mind will make ice run in your veins. Agenda 21, like so many lunatic reports and books produced by the UN and people of Strong’s ilk, is the ultimate master plan to save the world from human activity. Wild animals need a safe place to play. The document was produced during the UN Conference on Environment and Development, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992.

Strong addressed the opening session of Earth Summit II with plans to starve you into compliance. “It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class, involving meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and workplace air conditioning, and surburban housing, are not sustainable.”

Strong’s proposal is to reverse the advancement of human civilization by banning hunting and eliminating domestic lifestock and fisheries, thus depriving the masses of meat and dairy products. The radical idea is gaining government and popular acceptance through efforts of animal rights groups.

Strong proposes to dismantle all industry, including farming. There goes your diet of leafy, green vegetables and wheat for making bread. A comfortable house warmed by an oil furnace and electricity are out of the question. Without industry, there is no need for rural and northern communities, a forecast that is coming to pass as small towns wither from lack of jobs.

Members of middle-class society will be exterminated or reduced to poverty. Survivors will be relocated into human concentration ghettos, like Habitat Humanity that are reminiscent of the concrete apartment blocks in Moscow. Strong proposes to eliminate any other benefits and amentities that serve human convenience.

To meet these objectives, the planet must be cleansed of capitalism. The best place to start is by eliminating the affluent middle class.

Strong’s is not an original idea. One of his mentors, Adolf Hitler, had ingenious thought about the “law of life”. To conquer a country meant exterminating the nobility, the clergy and the intelligentsia, which inspired these classes to flee Germany in the 1930s.

The Nazi Fuhrer was determined to liquidate what he called the “ruling class”. In Poland, where the savagery began, the “gentry”, “intelligentsia” and Roman Catholic clergy would be slaughtered; in Russia, the Communist Party commissars; in Great Britain, the aristocrats, the politicians, the Anglican Church leaders and the intellectuals.

According to a secret order, one half of the Czechs were to be eliminated. But the German conquerors would spare the other half who would be used as slave labour.

The Russians were called Slavs and regarded by Hitler in the same “subhuman” category as the Jews. In his “law of life” masterpiece, he wrote: “The Slavs are to work for us. Insofar as we don’t need them, they may die…Education is dangerous. It is enough if they can count to 100…Every educated person is a future enemy…As for food, they won’t get any more than is absolutely necessary. We are the masters.”

In recent times, government-funded public schools have dumbed down students until they practically CAN’T count to a 100. Marxist teachers aren’t teaching students TO think but brainwashing them into WHAT to think. Educated people are dangerous to Marxists. But, thankfully, an Academic Bill of Rights has been recently proposed for the American school system to thwart the Marxist agenda.

In carrying on Hitler’s “law of life” rules, the Marxists broke the backs of the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches under the ruse of lawyers claiming they only wanted “justice” in class-action suits for the victims of residential-school sexual abuses.

The alleged “victims” had the idea knocked into their heads through psycho-politics until they believed they had been abused and deserved money to “heal”. How money heals a troubled mind is a puzzle. The victims only had to identify themselves and sign up. They had nothing to prove and nothing to lose.

The lawyers took care of everything. And it was mostly the lawyers who saw the four-billion-dollar settlement pay outs while about $1.4 billion is earmarked for the “victims” who must apply for up to $10,000 “compensation”. What a sham. But, by golly, the Marxists were successful in villifying the Christian religions and damning the Bible, which was the purpose of the lawyer’s get-rich scheme.

Interestingly, the public never hears from Indians whose tenures in residential schools were pleasant and productive. They are not good publicity material for the Marxist media. Neither are stories like the one about the forthright Indian woman who donated a thousand dollars to an Anglican Church as a token of thanks for the missionaries who earlier educated her son.

Further, in a socialist society, people’s bodies are state-owned. They are always dancing to the dictates and whims from bureaucrats of every stripe, armed enforcers, connivers, snivelers, environmental-influence peddlers and anybody else who cares to have a say in your personal well-being.

Contrary to the brainwashing blather, the state and its bureaucrats don’t care a whit about your health. Governments have developed mental-health policies promoting 20 percent of Americans and 10 percent of Canadians as nutbars if they smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, consume alcohol, own guns or read the Christian Bible.

Government-owned physicians claim that eating salt will cause strokes and heart attacks. In preparation for the forthcoming Marxist-induced famine–which is served up under the guise of keeping people healthy to reduce medicare costs–doctors are instructed to diagnose every patient as obese. Patients are expected to dump pounds until their physiques mimic the anorexic-frame of Twiggy from the Sixties.

Additionally, the government’s medical claptrap has pinpointed everything from sunshine, to meat, to dairy products, to root vegetables, to French fried potatoes as carcinagenic.

In an effort to stave off cancer, people avoid what the gurus of wellness promote as Frankenstein foods. In turn, people stupidly let their bodies be depleted of essential nutrients. Then they do fall ill.

Rather than doctors putting patients on healthy diets that include the seven food groups, the government agents willingly euthanize their patients with pharmaceuticals which likely caused the cancer or heart attack that the individuals were desperately trying to avoid.

Vegetarianism is just one among many veiled agendas to save the Earth. People are expected to live solely on fruits and raw vegetables until the New Society kicks in. Then you’ll be lucky to get a daily cracker and a drop of water.
Raising of livestock to feed millions of humans each day is on the list of taboos. The objective is to render extinct all beef-producing domestic cattle, dairy cows and goats, hogs, sheep and poultry.

Animal rights activists want policymakers to levy fat taxes on any animal-based food–meat, butter, cream, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, ice cream. If people can’t afford to buy these foods, farmers will go out of business. Presto! The animal rights’ objectives will be met without fuss.

The United Nations already has reported that the world needs saving from fatties. In the name of public health, the UN wants to tax everything from soft drinks to flavoured yogurt.

Curiously, in fine Marxist style, the UN never mentions feeding the billion undernourished people of the world. That many people starving to death plays into the UN’s objectives of reducing the planet’s human population to Maurice Strong standards.

It’s the affluent Western World that the UN has targeted to wean from nutritional foods in order to equalize the developed nations with the inhabitants of the third-world countries. Then nobody will be doing humanitarian work except the UN murderers.

Already, domestic livestock herds and poultry flocks are contracting “mad cow” and “hoof-and-mouth” diseases, “bird flu” and other bogus viruses. The animals are slaughtered by the thousands and carcasses incinerated in enormous pyres. It is an economic devastation to the farmers, of course. That was the purpose of the exercise.
Media hype has people shying away from eating meat for fear of contracting these bogey-man diseases.

In the “Save the Earth” warfare, livestock extermination is only one notch above human extermination. And environmentalists are serious about their religious crusade.

Food deprivation was the key in Hitler’s master plan. Hungry people, pecking in the dirt like chickens for morsels of food, are too weak to resist or fight back.

Under Hitler’s thinking, the Russians would perish in a famine that would be exacerbated upon the Nazi invasion rolling into Leningrad, Moscow and the Ukraine. Hitler and his cheerful helpers were delighted that between 20 and 30 million Russians would die of starvation. Certain nations simply must be decimated, they said.

Hitler definitely did not want to occupy Leningrad. He wanted the city wiped off the face of the Earth, razed to the last stone with ground artillery and bombarded with air attack. The Nazis did not want to be put in a troublesome position of having to supply food to any people. It was best to kill the Russians or leave them to perish of hunger.

When people like Hitler, Strong or UN dictators are blindly devoted to humanity being destroyed to “Save the Race” or “Save the Earth”, then a world bureaucracy composed of greens representing 1,700 plus non-governmental global organizations (NGOs) is the perfect instrument. These greenies are not elected, not accountable and answer to no one for their wicked, selfish decisions and deeds.

Strong, the organizer of the Earth Summit II, emotionally recalled at Rio how little had been done to save the planet since the first UN environment talks 20 years before. In 1972, Strong had chaired the first UN Environmental Conference in the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

“We don’t have another 20 years to squander,” he said at Rio. “We’ve got to move off the mark quickly. We’ve got to make the road beyond Rio a fast track.”

The apocalyptic warnings didn’t work. Arguments fell on deaf ears. The glossy reports gathered dust on shelves. Members of an environmental committee began writing a new doomsday strategy to convince the public that an environmental crisis was facing the Earth.

“I believe that if we continue on our present course, life as we know it will not survive into the 21st century,” declared Strong, who is now primed for a green revolution.

When Strong opened Globe 2000 in Vancouver, British Columbia, he implored the audience to ignore fearmongers who argue against “growing scientific evidence” in the global-warming debate.

About 17,000 skeptical U.S. scientists don’t believe there is any evidence to support the “sky-is-falling” rubbish. They crashed Strong’s beloved Kyoto (Japan 1997) Protocol that calls for slashing “greenhouse gas” emissions. Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not charmed with the global-warming rhetoric and withdrew money the LIEberal Party had earmarked for wasteful make-work projects.

Truly, exaggerated environmental issues have nothing to do with the environment. The environment issues are just another cog in the master-plan wheel.

And Strong has the power to push the world across the threshold into a world governance. He will have the power through a UN military to kill billions of people outright with weaponry; the other half who aren’t starved to death will be used by the Marxist elitists as slave labour.

The world has survived the misery and grief of Marx, Lenin, Hitler and many other tyrannical crackpots throughout history. Surely the world can survive the psycho-politics of another tyrannical thinker before his UN army–in taking up where Hitler left off–starts rolling toward Washington, D.C. and other cities of the United States, Canada, Great Britain and the European Union.

The world can nicely survive the corrupt and deceitful United Nations. If the United States and Canada with added support from a few European Union countries would withdraw posthaste, the United Nations would topple virtually overnight before it has any further chance to destroy our civilization.

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