America is NOT the greatest country in the world.

America is NOT the greatest country in the world… but it could be.

I have to admit I was quite blown away to watch this short video clip from the HBO series “The Newsroom“.   It was forwarded to me by a friend who called it the most honest three minutes of television ever.  I have to admit he is correct.

Watch it for yourself.  Be amazed that such truth and honesty about the current state of America could ever make it onto America’s airwaves, just as I was.

That honest appraisal of the current State of the Union is a tragic reality. But we can change all that in just a few more days… can’t we?


2 thoughts on “America is NOT the greatest country in the world.

  1. The United States has the greatest ideals in the world. To the degree that it lives up to them. It is great. To the degree that it doesn’t it isn’t.

    If it assimilates the Latino immigrant community, having them identify with highest American ideals, it will remain strong. If not it’s wealth and influence will shrink.

    As to the freedom of the other countries mentioned in the video, yes they have degrees of freedom, but that freedom has been guaranteed by Pax America. Those countries will have to contribute more to keep that going.

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