“Premier Dad” quits suddenly… Good News or the first step to very bad news?

“Premier Dad”, aka Dalton McGuinty, quit his post as Premier of Ontario suddenly and without warning.  While it may be good news for Ontario that the big government Liberal will be gone soon, it may be very bad news for the nation of Canada as a whole.

While “Premier Dad” hasn’t said anything yet, he also hasn’t ruled out a run for the federal Liberal Party leadership in a run-up to becoming, he hopes and I cringe, “Prime Minster Dad” at some point in the future.

The premier’s winning electoral record immediately inspired rumours he would run for the leadership of the federal Liberal Party and challenge Justin Trudeau, but he repeatedly deflected the question saying he had “no plans” to do so.

McGuinty’s policies have failed spectacularly in Ontario.  His massive spending increased Ontario’s debt endlessly, despite having no way to pay for it.  No way, that is, except to claim Ontario as a “have not” province to suck more money out of Alberta.

He presided over massive scandals such as eHealth, ORNG, Ontario Power Authority and failed bailouts to green energy companies.  The last thing we need is another scandal-laden Liberal vying for the Prime Minister’s office.

In writing a list of McGuinty’s failures, blogger “JackAndCokeWithALime” wrote:

Without a doubt, Dalton McGuinty is the most scandal-plagued, tax-spend-and-waste, unethical, integrity-deficient Premier that Ontario has ever had in its entire history.  And even though this should be obvious to all Ontarians, McGuinty’s gift of being able to talk his way out of anything often leaves Ontarians questioning their hurtful experiences and falling for his “Premier Dad” routine of manipulation.  McGuinty could literally get away with murder by convincing Ontarians that “though this was not the easy thing to do, it was the right thing to do“.

That said, there is a new scandal breaking right now for McGuinty, as it appears that he lied to Parliament and his own party about what he knew and when in the cancellation of two gas plants in Mississauga and Oakville, both Liberal-held ridings.  The cancellations left Ontario Taxpayers (or should I say Alberta’s Taxpayers) on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Failure after failure, scandal after scandal…  Yeah, that sounds about right for a Liberal wanting to become Prime Minister, doesn’t it?

Unless you want to count Justin Trudeau, of course, the substitute drama teacher who has never done anything except flaunt himself in front of television cameras at every opportunity.

Not much of a choice… Canada’s Obama in Justin Trudeau (I’ve never done anything but promise I will some day!) or a man who has proven to be grossly inept at managing an economy and a government…

God save us from our Liberal Saviours!!!


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