Malala Yousufzai: shot in the head for the “crime” of wanting an education

Fourteen-year-old Malala Yousufzai is a girl who has high ambitions. She wants to be a doctor. Well, at least she did before some terrorist Taliban moron shot her in the head and throat for her audacity. Who knows if she will survive her wounds and be able to accomplish that dream.

The Taliban immediately took credit for this heinous act.  Of course they did.  These pathetic cowards are actually proud of themselves for their manliness and bravery at attacking a defenseless 14-year-old girl.

Malala YousafzaiWhat is astounding to me is that a 14-year-old girl like Malala even has to be an “activist” for something as simple as wanting an education.

Taliban spokescritter Ehsanullah Ehsan actually called Malala’s activism an “obscenity” that had to be crushed like a bug underfoot.

“This was a new chapter of obscenity, and we have to finish this chapter.”

If ever the world needed any more evidence of the evil of islam and it’s pedophile prophet Muhammed, surely Malala Yousufzai is it.

If ever the world needed any more proof that “The Religion of Peace” is anything but peaceful, surely 14-year-old Malala Yousufzai is it.

While Obama crows that he “crippled the Taliban” as he desperately seeks any means of salvaging his election hopes, the Taliban obviously never got the President’s memo.  Those cowardly and evil pieces of bovine excrement are carrying on as if Bin Laden never even existed.

Malala Yousufzai just wanted what any girl her age deserves: an education.  Yet in muslim-controlled nations like Pakistan, merely saying that out loud is a crime.  She isn’t male.  She has no rights.  She deserves nothing but whatever atrocities the muslim men of her community will commit against her.

The offense here is against Sharia Law.

A woman must know her place.

A woman must keep her place.

A woman must not speak unless given permission to speak by some man.

If she dares open her mouth and speak the words, “I want to be a doctor” she is simply signing her own death warrant.

It’s disgusting.

3 thoughts on “Malala Yousufzai: shot in the head for the “crime” of wanting an education

  1. “Imran Khan quickly called a press conference and condemned Malala’s attack, while remaining silent over the fact that he wants to bring these very terrorists to the negotiating table. The president, the prime minister, and even the US State Department have condemned the attack on Malala, but the hypocrisy of our politicians, who will all claim Malala as their own and use her attack for their own political advantage makes me want to vomit.

    We Pakistanis have abdicated our position as citizens to speak out against militancy and left someone as young as Malala to do it for us. We sit in silence and fear and we let a fourteen year old girl take the brunt of the repercussions of raising her voice against something we all know is wrong. Asad Umar of the PTI, Imran Khan’s party, said: “We Pakistanis love to outsource our political responsibility.” Nowhere is this more true than in the case of Malala, where we have left it to a child to take on the responsibilities that Pakistani adults are too scared to shoulder.”

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