Britain’s Handgun Ban Fails Again

On July 31st an interesting news story came out of Britain. A college student was found with a handgun at London’s Kingston College.

Adamo Kizey, 18, was found with a handgun and loaded magazine.  The police seized the handgun and the magazine, then took the young man back to his home, which they then proceeded to search. The search resulted in some marijuana and weigh scales. And a silencer for his handgun.

Seems young Adamo was selling weed to his college friends, and felt he needed a handgun to protect himself and his business.

Britain, an island nation whose handgun ban has been in place since 1997, appears unable to stop guns from being smuggled onto the rock.

It certainly didn’t stop young Adamo from getting one, did it?  Not even on a rock surrounded by ocean on all sides.

The gun banners really need to wake up and smell the coffee. Declaring something illegal doesn’t stop anyone who wants it, be it drugs, guns, whatever, from getting it.

If handguns can be smuggled into an island nation with ease, what makes the governments on the North American continent think they can stop them from getting smuggled around that land mass?

Especially when said governments refuse to hold violent criminals responsible for their actions.


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