Privacy: We don’t care about it until the invasion of privacy gets up close and personal

We live in a strange age.

We don’t care that airport security screeners take what amounts to naked pictures of us with their “porn scanners” before allowing us to board our flight, something that was unimaginable just ten short years ago.

We think nothing of posting our most private and intimate thoughts to Twitter or Facebook for the world to see.  We happily share photographs of our daily lives to these same social media sites without a single thought as to who might use these photos to do us harm.

We don’t even care that we are photographed by total strangers dozens or even hundreds of times a day by governments and corporations without our consent.

These same corporations and their RFID chips track our every purchase and even movements about their stores, yet we are unconcerned.

Our cell phones, the devices we just can’t live without, can be turned against us in a heartbeat yet we blissfully and ignorantly carry on as though there is nothing to be concerned about.

Yet when the invasion of privacy is up close an personal, when we can see the person tracking us,  suddenly we get our knickers in a twist and the world comes to an end.

Yet the unseen trackers, photographers and cell phone recorders don’t cross our minds for a moment…  Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes.

Perhaps our thoughts and priorities around personal privacy need to change.

YouTube user “IBMeddling” created a fantastic video that highlights this point.

Will how you operate in your daily life change after watching this short video?  I hope so.


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