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Update — December 6, 2010: The Crown has decided it is in the public interest to move forward with this case.  That’s a joke, not justice.

I had a long talk with Lawrence Manzer yesterday about his case, what happened, and how the RCMP have been handling things.  It was a very interesting conversation, to put it mildly.  All the media accounts seem to be correct on one thing:  Laurence (Laurie) is an intelligent, calm, rational man.

We spent about an hour and a half on the phone talking about his case and its history in the area, and all I got from him was a strong sense of self, of his knowledge of his Rights and Freedoms, and his intense desire to stand up for himself against what appears to be a malicious prosecution.

I don’t know what else to call it when the actual criminals get a slap on the wrist and the victims in this case both get charged with serious criminal code violations.  More on all of that later…

I’ll be updating this page as more news items become available.  Most recent items will be at the top of the list.

Katey Montague, through her Rights and Freedom Bulletin, has been doing her best to bring the Lawrence Manzer case to the attention of gun owners across Canada.  You can find her writeups about it in her recent  Rights and Freedom Bulletin #13 (pdf) and Rights and Freedom Bulletin #14 (pdf) (the link to her December 4th Bulletin will work late Dec 3rd, Katey said.  She’s got a few finishing touches to make before Saturday’s publication.)

Additionally, through his lawyer, those wishing to support Mr. Manzer’s defense against this malicious RCMP prosecution can make legal fund donations to him by sending a check payable to:

Lawrence Manzer in trust of Blair McKay
c/o Blair McKay (Attorney)
291 Restigouche Road
Oromocto, NB
E2V 2H2

On Monday, December 6th, Laurence Manzer will be in court again at the Burton Courthouse at 9:30am.  I strongly encourage everyone that lives within a two-hour drive of Burton, New Brunswick, to be there and show your support for Laurie Manzer, and to show the RCMP and the Judge that you stand with your fellow Canadian and won’t tolerate this sort of abusive prosecution.

The Burton Courthouse address is:

Burton Courthouse
23 Route 102
Burton, New Brunswick
E2V 2Y6

Currently the CSSA has links to two news stories on their website, but I couldn’t find anything else.  I’ve emailed Tony Bernardo to find out more, and he told me the CSSA laywer is in contact with Laurie’s attorney.  They’re unsure if their support will go further than this at the moment.

I heard back from Norm LaPierre, president of the CASD, who has been in contact with Lawrence as well.  He’s done a number of writeups on his site, and is looking into other ways of helping.

There is no mention of this case on the NFA website at all, nor has the NFA responded to my request for information.  Big surprise.

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