Chilliwack School Board “takes a walk on the wild side” – calls Christmas “Christmas”

The headline read “Chilliwack School Board puts Christ back in Christmas

I just about fell out of my chair.

“Am I reading this right,” I asked myself.

“Naw, couldn’t be,” I replied.  “They’d never get away with that in today’s politically correct environment.”

But I was wrong.  Happily so, too.  You see, I’m one of those old-fashioned types that thinks things should be called what they are.

Yeah, I know… it’s such an outdated notion.

Me personally?  I couldn’t care less whether Christ actually was born on December 25th or not.   I couldn’t care less whether the Roman Catholic Church, way back in history used the date to co-opt some Pagan ritual.

I especially couldn’t care less if calling Christmas “Christmas” offends you.

You don’t have to like it.

I certainly don’t take offense at Hanukkah, or any other religious holiday for any other religion, for that matter.  You can have them all. You can add more, if it you make you happy.

Just leave my “Christmas” alone.  It’s not hurting anyone.  It’s certainly only an offense to those who choose to be offended by someone else’s religion and religious holidays.

Get over yourself already.

I think it’s fantastic that the Chilliwack School District has the balls and the backbone to do the right thing and call this holiday what it is: “Christmas”.

We’re not having a holiday because it’s winter,” she said. “We are having a holiday because it’s Christmas, so why not just say what it is.

Of course the “Political Correctness Police” will be all over the Chilliwack School Board members.  They can’t stand not getting the world to bend to their will, as silly as it is, most of the time.

For all of you that can’t stand a “Christan holiday” being officially on the calendar, here’s a deal I know you won’t refuse.  At least not if you’ve got any integrity at all.

If the phrase “Christmas Holidays” is so offensive to you, don’t take those days off.  Go to work like it’s any other day.  Because if you hate Christmas (or Christ for that matter) that’s all it is, right?  Just another day.

So either put your money where your mouth is and treat it like any other day and shut up.  Or go to and look up the definition of “integrity“.

Me, I’ll be celebrating Christmas.

Right after I write a letter to the Chilliwack School Board thanking them for having the courage to “put the Christ back in Christmas,” and especially Martha Wiens for having the courage to say,

We’re not having a holiday because it’s winter,” she said. “We are having a holiday because it’s Christmas, so why not just say what it is.
I couldn’t say it any better than that myself.

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