Lawrence Russell Manzer CKOM News Talk 650 Radio Interview

If you’re not familiar with the name Lawrence Manzer, I’m shocked.  But for those who haven’t heard of this man, here’s a brief background:

In March 2010 he was woken up in the middle of the night by his neighbour.  There were prowlers in his back yard, and he wanted Manzer’s assistance.  Manzer went outside, unloaded shotgun in hand, to check out the situation.  He called 9-1-1 and the RCMP came and arrested three teenagers who were later charged with liquor violations.

They were never charged with trespassing.

Manzer’s neighbour was charged with assault for detaining the drunken teenagers until the RCMP could be bothered to show up.

Manzer was charged with dangerous use of a firearm, or some such garbage.

The charges against his neighbour were eventually dropped, but Manzer is still facing the potential of a $5,000 fine and/or 6 months in jail.

Seems a clear-cut case of the RCMP being pissed off that someone was doing their job.  Why else would the victims of the crime be charged with more serious crimes than the drunken jerks they were defending themselves and their loved ones from?

Manzer’s case is getting a lot of profile right now, and his next court appearance is on our National Day of Weeping, Wailing an Whining (December 6th).

Until then Lawrence (Laurie) Manzer is talking to everyone who will listen in the hopes that some common sense will return to this nation.

He did nothing wrong.

He came to the aid of his neighbour and was doing what was required, under law, to protect them until the RCMP could arrive.

And HE is the one that could go to jail, not the drunken abusive teenagers who were actually breaking the law.

Justice in Canada?  I don’t think so.

Click here to listen to the entire CKOM radio interview.

Lawrence Russell Manzer, a 45-year-old military veteran is facing a weapons charge because he  grabbed his unloaded shotgun before stepping outside in the middle of the night last March to check on prowlers in the neighbourhood. Was Manzer out of line or just protecting his family?

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