Fantino Squeeks out a Win in Vaughan by-election

“You always know something big is happening when you’ve got a dozen MP’s and senators up here.” — Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff

Apparently that “something big” was his leadership imploding on a national stage.  After proclaiming Vaughan as the one riding “we must win”, Ignatieff failed to ignite the party faithful to do anything more than change the channel on the TV.

From the National Post article on the by-election:

Although the by-election results were expected to be a test of Liberals, the party’s candidate in Vaughan, Mr. Genco, said that a loss in Vaughan shouldn’t be taken as a sign of waning support for Mr. Ignatieff.

I guess Mr. Genco wants to take another run at the riding in the next general election.

“Byelections tend to be unique beasts and I think that in the end the Liberals will always prevail in Vaughan.”

He’ll have to do a much better job at getting out the vote, if he wants to turn that (misguided?) belief into reality.  Fully two-thirds of all eligible voters stayed home on election night, a large part of why Fantino was able to prevail in the Vaughan by-election.

Full Election Results at Elections Canada website

Nov 29 By-Election Results
Nov 29, 2010 By-Election Results

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