Ottawa County Patriots create awesome US Presidential Election billboards

The ability of some folks to simply do what needs to be done never ceases to amaze me.  Take the folks at Ottawa County Patriots (, a group of very smart and committed American Patriots who clearly love their country.

Ottawa County is located on the south-west side of Michigan and includes Holland, Zeeland, Grand Haven, and a bit of Wyoming.

These fine folks have created a billboard that takes all the spin and rhetoric out of the election antics of The Messiah, otherwise known as the empty suit named Barack Hussein Obama.  While he was given the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing “hope to the world”, this pathetic excuse for a President hasn’t actually done anything… other than tank the American economy and give trillions of dollars to his friends and America’s enemies.

That’s just one man’s opinion, of course, and I stand behind every word especially in light of the fact that the US Congress just voted to send billions more American Taxpayer Dollars to the very nations who are killing American citizens right now.  It’s repulsive.

Anyway, back to the point at hand: the awesome billboard created by the Ottawa County Patriots. Telling the truth in such clear and simple terms must really make The Anointed One angry.

While that’s a great side-benefit, I truly hope this billboard helps explain the simple truth about Obama’s failed economic policies to Americans as we near the November presidential election.

What’s even better is they are willing to make you the same banner with your own website’s URL on it for just $400.  For more details on getting this banner with your own website’s address on it, please visit

Ottawa County Patriots Election Billboard


Here’s what they are all about, taken from their website,

We are a non-profit educational organization providing information about our form of government, the free enterprise economic system and related civic or political issues for children and adults residing in Ottawa County or surrounding areas.
We are a diverse grass-roots group of individuals dedicated to learning about and preserving the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our vibrant free enterprise economic system.

We gather together to learn more about our nation’s history and Constitutional foundations and seek to become involved in civic affairs at the local, state and national levels in order to preserve our basic rights and freedoms as American citizens. Membership is open to any concerned citizen.

Mission Statement:
To promote awareness and understanding of American government, the free enterprise  system and related political or civic issues through education, special events and encouragement of citizen involvement.

Forget the angry mob,  aversion to all government, claims of racism, gun nuts,  negativity and other falsehoods the media and left use to distort perception.  Most important falsehood is we don’t know what we want.  The real focus of the Tea Party can be summarized with three goals or principles.   These are not fringe ideas but are consistent with sentiments held by the majority of voters.   This is what Michiganders and Americans want yet don’t realize is identical to the goals of the Tea Party.

Fiscal Responsibility and smaller government
Constitutionality (as written)
Free Markets

We share a common passion with Tea Party groups everywhere.  We began our group 2009, meeting at the Holland Library and even a bar restaurant before settling in at our regular venue at the Zeeland library.  There are other local and national tea party groups with a presence on the internet, providing information and education.   You may wish to register at any of these although we have no official affiliation with any other group other than a common passion for our country.

While event information is posted on this site, the primary communication to members is via regular email. If you would like to be added to the e-mail list and get updates on special meetings and events planned by the Ottawa County Patriots, please click on the “contact” page.  We also post meetings on other social media sites.

Non profit status:
We are in the process to establish a organizational structure and the process has begun to pursue a 501C-3 status.   This will allow donations to our group as tax deductible.
Of note, our Tea Party and most nationwide, are non partisan by legal definition.   We cannot endorse any candidate or party. Nor are we a political party. The great majority of tea party members strongly oppose the idea of a third party.  Our goal is working to insure the best, conservative candidates in both parties. “Working” means educating ourselves, understanding issues, positions and records of the candidates.

While conservatism places us closer to Republicans than Democrats, many of us are also critical of Republicans. We are about liberty, smaller government and return to constitutionality, not about a political party. There are those who say we are an arm of the Republican Party. THEY ARE WRONG.

As mentioned, we cannot endorse candidates. However, we do recommend ICAUCUS which is a separate effort to get involved. For more information visit:

5 thoughts on “Ottawa County Patriots create awesome US Presidential Election billboards

    1. I just checked the links here and all worked as they should. Try closing your browser and reloading it, Don. I have had the same problem now and then though, and restarting the browser seems to solve whatever is causing that.

  1. I can appreciate their zeal, but it is misguided. Romney is “owned” by the same banks as President Obama (just look at his top contributors). Romney will not do a better job than Obama. He will just do a bad job in a different way.

  2. The efforts of the Ottawa County Patriots are noble but misguided.

    Since incumbent U.S. president Barack Obama and vice president Joe Biden have become liabilities to the powerful political machine known as The Organization, seemingly Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan are destined to win the 2012 U.S. presidential election.

    Like gangsters and racketeers who fix horse races and professional football games, the powerful elite political fraudsters and central banksters will fix the presidential election Stalin-style through vote-counting and the Electoral College, like they did with the Obama win in 2008, which wasn’t much of a contest.

    Since Republican candidate Romney’s handlers are the same as Democratic candidate Obama’s handlers, a Romney administration will simply be an extension of the Obama administration.

    Besides, Romney’s Democratic petticoat was showing when he was Massachusetts governor and is easily manipulative to fit the Marxist agenda.

    These oily handlers were too cunning to invite the popular Rand Paul to join the Romney race, which is too bad. The ideologies of the U.S. Senator from Kentucky, a Tea Partier, are more closely aligned to those espoused by the Ottawa County Patriots.

    He successfully filibustered for seven hours, I believe it was, and ran out the clock to prevent the renewal of the Patriot Act. But, to nobody’s amazement, the corrupt Democrats ignored protocol and extended the odious act which has served Homeland Security well in its bid to blanket the United States citizenry under communistic people-control.

    As vice president, Rand Paul possibly could have made some strides in keeping the White House troops somewhat fiscally honest and locked into the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights; or at least he might have kept the American citizens apprised of what was going on behind the scenes, which no doubt would have resulted one way or the other in a quick muzzle job.

    Instead of contending with the encumbrance of a patriot who can’t be bought off, the manipulators chose the malleable Paul Ryan to run as 2IC.

    It’s a sad commentary that many disillusioned Americans have taken on the same stance as New York trend forecaster Gerald Celente and will boycott the polls this November.

    “I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils,” Mr. Celente said.

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