Breast-feeding Moms Beware: TSA will “get” you

Especially if you know the TSA Guidelines better than the petty thugs you’re dealing with at the airport.

This is the story of a young mother’s nightmare at the hands of the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) goons.

The video below is of a young mother whose only “crime” was to request that her breast milk NOT be put through x-ray scanners.

Just like the TSA Guidelines say.

Because she dared know the TSA Guidelines better than the morons who are supposed to implement them, they forced her to wait… and wait… and threaten her with arrest… and wait… and wait… submit to their officially-sanctioned sexual assault (they call it an “enhanced pat-down).

Then she was offered two choices: put her breast milk through the x-ray scanner, or dump her breast milk in the trash.

It would seem that knowing the TSA Guidelines better than the airport thugs that are supposed to enforce them has some severe consequences.

Poison your 7-month-old child with x-rayed milk or make him go hungry because some TSA security thug has no common sense and even less human decency.

The TSA “manager” (and I use the term with the least amount of respect and the absolute most disdain humanly possible!) reads the TSA’s own Guidelines on breast milk and flatly refuses to obey federal law.

He puts her breast milk through the x-ray scanner against her protests and federal law anyway.

Then they kept her waiting until she missed her flight.

As this ridiculous scenario unfolds, my blood boils and I wasn’t even the one being assaulted by these jerks and forced to miss my flight.

She finally goes get home, and when she does she requests the surveillance tapes of her ordeal from the TSA. They ignore her. She requests again. And again. And again.

They finally release the tapes to her, but there’s a catch.

Isn’t there always when some government thug is involved?

Over 30 minutes of the tape were missing, including the section where the TSA “manager” (cue my lack of respect, full contempt and a healthy dose of disdain) demands the young woman’s personal information, which he writes on a piece of paper and puts in his pocket and keeps.

And where he photographed her breast milk.

God help us from government-sanctioned, morally-bankrupt thugs devoid of all human decency.

Because a breast-feeding mother is SOOOOOO dangerous to the security of the (not-so-) free world.

Please watch this entire video. Then, if you’re American, write your Congress-critters and demand they put an end to this stupidity.

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