The “Religion of Peace” issues death order on makers of Innocence of Muslims

How very peaceful and tolerant of the Islamic Fascists…

Ahmad Fouad Ashoush, the thug who ordered the murder of anyone connected to the making of “Innocence of Muslims” movie.

A Muslim cleric in Egypt, Ahmad Fouad Ashoush, has ordered the murder of everyone involved in the making of “Innocence of Muslims”, the YouTube video that White House Coward In Chief Barack Obama is blaming for the murder of US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American citizens last week.

In true peaceful fashion the Islamic thugs show their true colors while the apologists in the Western World cower behind their mommie’s skirts.

Isn’t it about time we faced the fact that Islamic Terrorism is a global threat that must be stopped?  (Hint for Barack Obama: The answer is “Yes”.)

The Times of India reports the following:

Those bastards who did this film are belligerent disbelievers,” Ashoush said, according to SITE’s translation of the lengthy Arabic statement.

I issue a fatwa and call on the Muslim youth in America and Europe to do this duty, which is to kill the director, the producer and the actors and everyone who helped and promoted the film,” he said.

So, hurry, hurry, O Muslim youth in America and Europe, and teach those filthy lowly ones a lesson that all the monkeys and pigs in America and Europe will understand. May Allah guide you and grant you success.”

Ah, isn’t that sweet?

Kill… everyone who helped and promoted the film.”

This from the adherents of the murder cult known as Islam, aka “The Religion of Peace”.  What hypocrites.

All that’s missing now is another Obama apology for the rest of us taking the death threat “out of context”…

I’m sure that will be forthcoming shortly… as soon as he gets someone to write his apology and put it in the teleprompter.

As I wrote the other day in my column titled “Followers of The Religion of Peace keep murdering… and Obama just keeps apologising

By bowing down and capitulating to the islamic terrorists who murdered Ambassador Stevens and three others, by kneeling before the islamic murderers and rioters who burned down the American Embassy, the only thing Obama has guaranteed is that radical islamic terrorists will murder even more Americans before November 6th.

My sincerest hope is that the American people finally wake up from the nightmare that is their first half-black president and elect someone who can actually run the country this November.

Obama had his shot.  He failed.  He failed miserably.   It’s not hard to believe he will be remembered as the most cowardly president in American history.


2 thoughts on “The “Religion of Peace” issues death order on makers of Innocence of Muslims

  1. Enjoyed the post. The movie is essentially irrelevant to the activities of Muslims described by believer Raheel Raza, in Citizen/Comments on Sept. 18th, as “…ignorant masses”.

    I suggest that Muslim violence is an integral part of Islamic ideology. Mohammad, declared by Allah, in the Koran, to be the ideal human being, and a model all believers should strive to imitate in all aspects of life, was the product of the culture of 7th Century Bedouin barbarians. The ideology is based on Koran, Sunna and Hadith.

    Sunna is the record of what Mohammad said and did. Hadith is the Islamic law based on Koran and Sunna. By the standards of our culture, Mohammad was a robber, slaver, torturer,murderer and rapist who boasted that he “conquered by terror”. He married his favourite wife Aisha when she was six; but, he waited until she was nine when he had her interrupted from playing with her dolls so that she could be brought to his bed to consummate the marriage.

    That he used violence to establish Islam in Arabia is undeniable. He was accompanied by Aisha when he presided, for many hours over the slaughter of hundreds of Jewish male prisoners, in the market at Medina.

    While watching the torture of a Jewish prisoner he held the man’s wife on his lap. He authorized followers to murder those who opposed him; including a female poet and her breast-feeding baby. One would be either ignorant, or lying, claim that brutal violence in not a basic and unalterable component of Islamic ideology.

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