If only there was ONE MORE LAW!!!

Apparently nobody told the current government that shooting up the streets as you’re driving around on a Saturday night was illegal.  Or that the crime of murder already had tons of laws on the books against it.  And that they need to “expand the definition” of “serious crimes”.  Where’s my darned barf bucket?

What I find truly amusing about the latest “crackdown on crime” by the Conservative government is that they are upset about illegal casinos and bookies… the guys who take “illegal bets” and make a profit from it.

You see, the government want the monopoly on gambling.  You can run a casino, if you have the connections and the permit for it.  You can run a lottery, if you have a permit.  But fail to give the tyrant his due in the form of yet another tax (call it a license if it makes you feel better) and the full weight of “organized crime laws” will fall on your head.

Calling drive-by shootings, drug smuggling and gambling “serious” offenses somehow cheapens the process, doesn’t it?  It’s like the Harper government didn’t think drive-by shootings were serious until Justice Minister Rob Nicholson’s August 4th announcement.  That’s ridiculous.  Not to mention absurd.

Politicians in parliament obviously feel the need to be “seen to be doing something”, and that goes double for the bureaucrats in the Justice department, I’m sure.

Why don’t we, as a nation, instead of adding one more useless law to the books when we already have dozens, hundreds, thousands of un-enforced laws on the books, do the simple thing: fire half the politicians and bureaucrats immediately, and spend that money on enforcing the laws already in the books.

If we don’t feel the need to repeal half of them immediately too!

Stockwell Day’s recent furor over unreported crime is such a joke.  If he really wants to know why people aren’t reporting crime, all he needs to do is pick up the phone, call the police himself, and try to report one.

Stock, lemme give you a hint:  They’re NOT INTERESTED. When you come home to find your home broken into, your belongings trashed from end to end, and your door barely left on its hinges, what will the police say when you call? Unless there is someone still inside the house that poses a threat, they’re not even going to show up.  They’ll just give you a file number so you can call your insurance company and move on.

That’s why people aren’t reporting crime.


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