Since Pauline Marois is so ashamed to be Canadian maybe we ought to cut off the money tap

I find it thoroughly repulsive that the so-called Premier-elect of Quebec, Pauline Marois, removed the Canadian flag from the Quebec Legislature when she was sworn in.

As the premier of a Canadian province she ought to have a little more class than that, one would hope.  But as a separatist at heart it seems she just couldn’t wait to slap Canadians across our collective faces.

Well, since the Canadian flag isn’t good enough for Pauline Marois and Quebec, surely our money isn’t good enough for her either.

Cut off the money tap to Quebec effective immediately.

Take the $8 BILLION per year that Quebec sucks out of us in transfer payments and pour it back into the rest of Canada… you know… the parts that aren’t ashamed to fly the Canadian flag.

The Canadian Flag – the flag of the ENTIRE nation of Canada, despite what Pauline Marois and her merry band of morons believe.

Any bets on how long it takes her to come grovelling back to the feed trough once that money tap is turned off?

I bet she doesn’t last a week.

That said, if the good citizens of Quebec have any common sense and decency they will resoundingly denounce Marois’ reprehensible act.

They only have 4 more years to suffer through her ineptness and incompetence, and Canada has to suffer through 4 years of her constant threats to secede unless we pander to her ever whim and demand.

God help us all.

1 thought on “Since Pauline Marois is so ashamed to be Canadian maybe we ought to cut off the money tap

  1. Simple ,They receive payment from the Feds. Divide the payment by 365 then for every day they don’t fly/display the flag deduct that amount.

    Personally they are a dead loss to Canada why should we continue to support them?We don’t owe them anything.If they want to go show them the door and let them fight ownership of the north between the natives themselves and the world courts.

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