Ah, the brave new world of political correctness…where even saying “husband and wife” is verboten

It’s no wonder our society is in such a mess… we’ve got so-called educators (I call them morons) who believe that simply saying “husband and wife” is a phrase that must be avoided at all costs or the sky will fall.

These particular morons hide under rocks at the Durham District School Board and spend their time, paid for by the rest of us of course, churning out 20-page pieces of garbage such as the “Guidelines for Inclusive Language.”

Somehow they manage to put all of the following phrases on the title page of their [alleged] masterpiece…

  • Ensure Openness, Accountability and Safety
  • Implement Equitable Principles and Practices
  • Promote Student Achievement and Discovery
  • Success in learning to meet the challenges of the future

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

I am, however, a little confused how you can “promote student achievement and discovery” when you’re busy rewriting every textbook known to man to meet your asinine guidelines, but I’m sure since the Durham District School Board is not paying for it with their own money it won’t be a problem.  Just increase school taxes some more.  Nobody will mind.

As for the poor students, I’m not sure how they will have time to learn how to meet any “challenges of the future” when they’ve got the latest manual for “politicallycorrect language” to memorize so as not to offend any “persons from Korea” or the like.

See if you can make it through this opening statement without gagging:

Guiding Principles of This Document

The Principle of Inclusion acknowledges the concept that society is not homogeneous and reinforces the perception of diversity as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. It requires the recognition that ideas and practices based on the norms of the dominant culture or society can result in experiences of exclusion and discrimination for people of diverse backgrounds. An inclusive organization not only recognizes the difference, but embraces diversity. Inclusive Language acknowledges the value of an individual and their worth in society as a whole.

Seriously, you’ve got to read this piece of trash for yourself.

It’s high time we fired all the education system bureaucrats and used their wages to hire teachers instead.  You know… the people who actually teach kids something useful?

Don’t get me wrong.  I have no issue with diversity.

Canada and America alike are the nations they are because we welcomed people from around the world with open arms.  But back when we were doing that while using some common sense, it was recognized by both immigrant (Crap! Now I’m in trouble!  I was supposed to say “Newcomer” instead) and Canadian understood the responsibility that came along with life in their new home.

Don’t even get me started on the phrase “foreign language”, which for some unstated reason is now uncouth.  Maybe I’m supposed to say “Newcomer language”?  It’s hard to know… the guide is less than sensible on these things.

As usual, it’s okay to insult Christianity along the way, but don’t you dare call someone “Indian” or Eskimo”.  That’s hurtful and demeaning, but forcing everyone to believe that “The earth” is the source of life and not God… well, let’s not go there or we’ll be off to the Human Rights Tribunal for another re-education session at the hands of the Politically Correct Thought Police.

It’s not okay to say “ESL students”, “Arabic speaking”, “French speaking”, “Jewish person”, “Native,”, “African,”, “Pakistani,”, “old wives’ tale”, “husband and wife”, “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” but since there is no reference to “stupid Yankee” I feel confident that the lunatic left’s favourite pastime, American-bashing, is still an “approved” pastime.

What I find most interesting is their sources for all of this crap.  Being good “inclusive” folks, they included pretty much all branches of the politically correct, yet they have specifically excluded every portion of the Christian faith.  How very typical.  How very inclusive.

They are, naturally, very enamored with their own importance.  Three of the top eight sources listed are documents the Durham District School Board generated themselves.

Color me shocked.

  • Inclusive Language Guidelines, 2008, Halton District School Board
  • Aboriginal Education: http://spiritcalling.ddsbschools.ca/
  • Accessibility Handbook, 2005 Durham District School Board
  • A Way with Words, Ontario Accessibility Directorate
  • Challenging Homophobia and Heterosexism, Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario
  • Durham District School Board: http: //www.ddsb.durham.edu.on.ca/DDSBmain.htm
  • Egalecanada.ca
  • Equity and Inclusive Education: //www.ddsb.durham.edu.on.ca/DDSBmain.htm
  • First Nation, Métis and Inuit Presence in Rainbow Schools, Rainbow District School Board, 2009
  • Guidelines on Inclusive Language, National Council of Teachers of English
  • Inclusive Language Guidelines, Bluewater District School Board
  • Inclusive Language Procedures and Guidelines, Curtin University of Technology, Australia
  • English Language Learners: http://www.ddsb.durham.edu.on.ca/DDSBmain.htm
  • Ontario Education Services Corporation: www.oesc-cseo.org
  • Ontario Human Rights Commission, Glossary definitions (pg. 9/10)
  • Partnering Against Hate, Halton Regional Police Service
  • Racism. Stop It!, Canadian Heritage Multiculturalism Respectful Language,
  • Halton Organization for Pride and Education
  • Terms for Inclusive Language and Imagery, McMaster University, Hamilton

If you’re so inclined, here is the contact information from the last page of this document:

For more information please contact DDSB’s Equity, Diversity, and Race Relations office at 905-666-6933.

Perhaps you’d like to contact them directly and tell them what you think of their absurd political-correctness.



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