Edmonton School Bureaucrats Are Morons

When I say that Edmonton school bureaucrats are morons, I am directing my ire at the bureaucratic buffoons who believe life is a fantasy directed by them personally.

EDMONTON, ALTA.: MAY 31, 2012 – Ross Sheppard high school teacher Lynden Dorval is suspended for going against the school’s no-zero policy when grading students’ tests.
Photo Rick MacWilliam, EDMONTON JOURNAL)

Back in June of 2012 Edmonton school teacher Lynden Dorval was suspended for not playing by school bureaucrat’s utopian rules that stated nobody can get a zero, even if they don’t turn in a single assignment.

Sucking off the government teat obviously has it’s perks, doesn’t it?  You can make completely ludicrous rules and fire good and decent people for being smart enough not to follow them.  Or not being stupid enough to blindly follow them, I suppose, is another way of putting it.

Lynden Dorval has the audacity to believe his job is to prepare young people for the real world.

In the real world people actually have to complete work if they are to be paid and earn a living.  Imagine that!

This ability to think critically is obviously well beyond the capacity of school board officials, much to the detriment of teachers and students alike.

This fantasy-land where “everyone is a winner” and “both teams get a trophy” is just that: a fantasy land.  It doesn’t exist in the real world.  If it did then everyone who entered the US Open Tennis Championship should be awarded the trophy, right?


There is only one winner.  That’s life. That’s the way things work outside of the ivory towers of academia where they succeed only in training kids for failure.

Personally, I believe Lynden Dorval should be awarded a medal for his ability to comprehend the obvious: that rewarding students for not doing the work is just plain stupid.

“It’s on that handout I give them at the start that it’s up to them to come to me to make arrangements (to finish the work). I stay after school three days a week and I’m usually in my room at lunch hour, and sometimes the kids have spares so I tell them, ‘You make arrangements with me to come in and make up the work.’

“No-Zero” policies are stupid. While they certainly will help with their apparently-stated goal of “ensuring more students make it through the school system” that isn’t the same thing as actually educating students, is it?  (Uh, the answer to that is “No” just in case the Edmonton School Board superintendent is reading…)

You determine what a student has learned by the work they do and the scores they receive on tests designed to see what they know.  What a thought!  About the only thing a student learns by the enforcement of asinine “no-zero” policies is how to skate through life without every actually doing anything.

No company in their right mind wants to hire employees that won’t work.   On the upside, that means we’re training a whole new generation on how to be school board bureaucrats.

No, that’s not a good thing, in case you’re wondering.

“It is regrettable that after a long career with Edmonton Public Schools, you chose this very public and destructive course of action,” says the letter from the district superintendent.

Actually, what is a “destructive course of action” for students and society alike is insisting against all reason that “everyone is a winner” when they are not.

School Principal Ron Bradley has clearly been drinking the Kool-Aid for far too long.  In an audio recording obtained by the CBC he defends the asinine policy and then blames the media for the harsh light of reality that’s now shining down upon him.

If Principal Ron Bradley and the Edmonton School Board actually decides to fire Lynden Dorval the only thing they will prove is that they are every bit the morons I think they are.

Hey, I’m willing to be proven wrong…  Are they?

Not likely.  They’d rather get rid of a good teacher who actually cares about the kids in his class than admit they’ve screwed up.

It’s the bureaucratic way.

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