Truth is often stranger than fiction, and never moreso than when it comes to cats

Cats are pretty interesting creatures.  They are haughty, arrogant and generally do as they please.

They can be kind and loving creatures, curling up with you when you’re not well.  They can be wickedly evil little critters when the mood strikes them as well.  Just ask any mouse that’s crossed a cat’s path.

My own cat Goofball pretty much does whatever he pleases, whenever he pleases.  If he doesn’t like the fact you’re not paying attention to him, he’ll jump onto the screen door and slam it repeatedly until you acknowledge his Imperial Self.

Here are three videos of cats that are truly astounding, and there’s not a screen door to be found.  :)

A Cat and an Owl will amaze you.


“I’m gonna get that thing, whatever it is!”


All God’s Creatures on one porch…



2 thoughts on “Truth is often stranger than fiction, and never moreso than when it comes to cats

  1. Christopher,
    I love that last one! That is amazing! They are all spectacular, actually! The second one cracked me up! LOL! The commentary was hilarious! The first one is astounding. Looks just like our cat Midnight, my little madness. M&M to be short. Thanks for starting my day with hilarity and love for all Gods creatures!

    Blessing and justice to all,


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