G20 Summit — Excessive Force By Police? No, says SIU

Excessive Force By Police during the G20 Summit?  Not according to Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU).  They are, without a doubt, the most useless police oversight group in the Canada.

Police smashed people with batons, broke bones, and beat people up, but the SIU could find no wrong with police actions at the G20 Summit.

I’m shocked.

Okay, I’m not really.  I fully expected the SIU to clear police of any wrongdoing.  The SIU has a long and sordid history of clearing police actions, no matter how heinous the crimes they’ve committed.

The Toronto Star newspaper has been doing a series on the SIU and it’s pathetic attempt to cover up every police action that has injured or killed civilians in Ontario.

Despite the Toronto Star’s best effort at shining the light of truth on these so-called “investigators” at the Ontario Special Investigations Unit (SIU), somehow these clowns just continue to get away with murder, literally.

When police officers refuse to be interviewed by them, they have no power to compel officers. It’s ridiculous. These cops get away with their actions simply because they refused to be investigated!

Given police removed all identification so the public could not identify officers, and all the police reports mysteriously missing badge numbers, it’s no wonder nobody is held accountable.

“It raises real questions about police accountability,” said Graeme Norton, the director of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association‘s public safety program. “It speaks to the harms when officers go to great lengths to not be identified.”

Toronto police Chief Bill Blair has already confirmed that almost one hundred police men and women “will be disciplined” for not wearing proper ID while on duty at the G20 Summit.

They’ll probably get some paid time off to reflect on their bad behavior, if past disciplinary actions are anything to go on.  Oh, won’t that teach them a lesson!

It’s no wonder the public has no confidence in our police forces, or their so-called “oversight committees”.

The police forces of this nation are more and more acting worse than the thugs they’re supposed to be protecting us from.

And the “oversight committees” that are supposed to protect us from the police? They’re a bigger joke than Obama’s birth certificate, given they can’t actually “investigate” anything unless the subject officer agrees!

What I don’t get is how these individual police personnel (I refuse to call them “officers“) sleep at night, or look themselves in the eye in the mirror in the morning when they wake up.

God knows if that was me behaving like these thugs, I wouldn’t be able to to either.

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