Corrupt Cop Arrested in FBI Sting Operation

The Chicago suburb of Maywood is less one corrupt cop today after an FBI sting operation caught Robert M. Welch stealing money from alleged gang suspects.

Welsh was one of the tactical officers that focused on suppressing gang activity.  He came to the FBI’s attention after previous search suspects claimed that Welsh had stolen from them.

His downfall was taking money (twice) from FBI agents posing as drug dealers.

The Maywood Police Chief, in a show of stupidity in line with Maywood’s stealing, has placed Welsh on PAID administrative leave while the charges make their way through the courts.

“It’s sad that you have officers who choose to punish the badge, but that officer does not define the organization,” Maywood Police Chief Tim Curry said.

I don’t know about you, but I find it disgusting that north american police forces continue to reward criminal conduct by police officers with PAID vacations after they get caught breaking the laws they are sworn to uphold.

Might as well let pedophiles serve their time in kindergarten playgrounds…  giving cops suspensions with full pay makes about the same amount of sense.

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