Bakersfield Cop Tries Trading Sex for Return of Stolen Property and Rapes Burglary Victim

Isn’t it great when, after you have been victimized by thieves, the cops come along and victimize you all over again?  That’s [allegedly] the case in Bakersfield, California, where Bakersfield Police Officer Patrick Lefler was arrested after trying to extort sexual favours from a woman he was sent to help.

Instead of actually returning the stolen property to the young woman as he was supposed to, Bakersfield Police Officer Patrick Lefler instead threatened to withhold the woman’s property unless she had sex with him.

He waited over a week to book the woman’s property into police evidence… I suppose because he was hoping to get a positive response to his text messages to the woman first.  What a complete scumbag.

Naturally, he is now on a paid vacation (aka administrative leave) for his disgusting deeds, a standard practice when police are accused of crimes.

It has also come to light that this same cop, Bakersfield Police Officer Patrick Lefler, is now accused of raping a burglary victim while he was on duty.  It’s frighteningly similar circumstances to rapist cop Ladmarald Cates, the Milwaikee Police Officer who raped a young woman while responding to a 911 call from her residence.  Thankfully that piece of human garbage is now serving a 20-year prison sentence for his crimes.

A lot of times people will submit to government authority, it’s not really done by violence, the force or violence is the status of the public official,” said Defense Attorney Kyle Humphrey.

Unfortunately for Lefler’s [alleged] rape victim there will be no such justice in her case.  The Kern County District Attorney’s office is refusing to charge Patrick Lefler for any crimes, stating that while his conduct was “professionally reprehensible” it was not necessarily criminal.

I’m sure that’s a great comfort to Lefler’s rape victim… that while what he did to her was “reprehensible” it wasn’t against the law.

It was the same thing in Ladmarald Cates’ case.  The DA refused to press charges.  It was only the tenacity of Cates’ rape victim to see justice done that Cates was finally brought to justice.  It sickens me that another rape victim must now go through the same thing because of another cowardly district attorney.

Perhaps the Kern County District Attorney ought to be subjected to Lefler’s unwanted sexual abuses.  Maybe then Patrick Lefler might face criminal charges…

1 thought on “Bakersfield Cop Tries Trading Sex for Return of Stolen Property and Rapes Burglary Victim

  1. Any other place and this would be an AUTOMATIC FIRING followed up with criminal charges…..what makes these guys so special?

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