Police release map showing Convicted sexual sadist Donald Bakker is living in downtown Abbotsford, BC

While Abbotsford Police cannot release his exact home address, they have released a map showing the neighbourhood where convicted sexual sadist Donald Bakker is living.

Public safety is the Abbotsford Police Department’s highest priority,” said Const. Ian MacDonald in a press release.

We previously shared information about Bakker because we believe that the citizens of Abbotsford have a right to be informed when exceptional circumstances such as these arise.”

Convicted Sexual Sadist Donald Bakker

I wrote about Donald Bakker on June 8, 2012 and compared his treatment by police as compared to another serial sexual offender, RCMP Sgt. Don Ray.

In Ray’s case the RCMP steadfastly refuses to divulge where Ray is stationed but didn’t waste a moment to release information about Donald Bakker’s whereabouts.

Hypocritical to say the least, but sadly that’s what we’ve come to expect from our tarnished national police force.

It’s not that I’m against being told where a man like Donald Bakker is currently living; I’m not.

In fact I believe we should have ready access to where every convicted sexual offender is living once released from prison.  Knowing this information helps us keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.  It’s that simple.  Does releasing this information make life more difficult for convicted sexual predators?  Undoubtedly, but they’re feelings are hardly my first concern; the safety of our children far outranks that.

Men like Donald Bakker are not going to change.   Convicted of sexually abusing 7 Cambodian girls ranging in age from 7 to 14 as well as abusing several Vancouver sex trade workers, Bakker served his entire 7 year sentence while refusing all attempts at rehabilitation.  He is not interested in changing.

He will, no doubt, offend again and is what Abbotsford Police call “a dangerous sex offender with a high risk to re-offend.”

After his release from prison Bakker tried living in Penticton but could not find anywhere to live.  Big surprise.  I can’t imagine anyone willingly renting an apartment or home to a convicted sex offender, can you?

Convicted Sexual Sadist Donald Bakker Map

Abbotsford Police are asking citizens to make themselves familiar with Bakker’s photo and to report any infringements of his court-ordered restrictions.  Those restrictions are:

1. No contact, direct or indirect, with anyone under the age of 18.

2. Not to attend public parks or public swimming areas where persons under 18 years of age could reasonably be expected to be present.

3. No contact with sex trade workers.

4. Not to possess any electronic device that connects to the internet.

5. Not to possess any weapons as defined by the Criminal Code or any tool or device that can be used for restraint.

6. Abide by a curfew of 11:00 pm to 6:00 am.

He [Donald Bakker] needs to know that if he’s not behaving himself, the eyes of the community will be watching,” Abbotsford Mayor Bruce Banman told The Province Thursday.



2 thoughts on “Police release map showing Convicted sexual sadist Donald Bakker is living in downtown Abbotsford, BC

  1. I’m sure by now people should know where Sgt Ray is located,to bad someone won’t make a phone call [I know they hide their bad boys away from the puplic eye pretty good but still you would think someone would remember a name[people on town,city councils are a good source of this type of info]

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