Negligent Discharge near President Obama?

Obama’s on a tour around the world again, promoting whatever it is he stands for.  Lord knows I can’t figure that out. It changes too often.

But I digress…  outside the hotel where he was staying, an assistant police inspector caused a bit of a ruckus.  According to this news report, he was getting into his car when his revolver “went off”.

What’s interesting about this negligent discharge is that there was a report issued a couple of months ago warning of this very thing: namely police officers failing to qualify with their firearms for years, and well over half of them had no range practice at all in years.  Unfortunately I can’t come up with the link to that news story and report at the moment, but will update this as soon as I do.

“The weapon was not locked which resulted in the incident,” said Deven Bharti, crime branch’s spokesperson.

I’m not sure what “not locked” means, but the fault lies squarely on the shoulders of Suhas Chaudhary, who had pulled his revolver out of his holster so he could get comfortably into his vehicle.  In the process he pulled the trigger and caused himself minor injuries.

Negligent discharges like this are easy to prevent.  Education and training are the way.

When we fail to train our police personnel adequately so they can use their sidearms proficiently, we put the public, as well as them, in harms way.

That is not acceptable on any continent.

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