And the Gold Medal for Cowardice goes to…. Jacques Rogge and the International Olympic Committee

Do you know the name Moshe Weinberg?

No?  How about Yossef Romano?

Still nothing?

Hmmm, how about Ze’ev Friedman, David Berger, Yakov Springer, Eliezer Halfin, Yossef Gutfreund, Kehat Shorr, Mark Slavin, Andre Spitzer or Amitzur Shapira?

Still not ringing any bells?

I’m not surprised and you shouldn’t be either.

The International Olympic Committee is doing its best to ensure nobody knows the names of the 11 Israeli athletes murdered by terrorists at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany on this, the 40th anniversary of that massacre.

While every Olympics since 1972 has ignored the tragedy in Munich, never has the silence surrounding these 11 names ever been more deafening than it is right now during the London Games.

So eager to pander to muslim nations and the terror they inflict on millions of people around the globe every year, the International Olympic Committee has raised cowardice to a whole new level at London 2012 by ignoring these eleven men and worse, doing their utmost to pretend they never existed at all.

To quote Deborah E. Lipstadt’s column on Tablet Magazine, Jewish Blood is Cheap,

For the past few months there has been a concerted effort to get the International Olympic Committee to set aside one minute of silence at the opening ceremony at this year’s games to commemorate the Israeli athletes who were murdered—not killed, murdered—at the Munich games in 1972.

The games, held this year in London, are 17 days long. That’s 24,480 minutes. Despite the fact that petitioners were asking for only one of those minutes, it is now evident that their efforts have failed.

I would encourage you to read Deborah E. Lipstadt’s entire column.  She does an excellent job giving the history of the massacre and then International Olympic Committee President Avery Brundage’s disgraceful conduct during and after that terrible day.

Despite pleas from around the world to recognize these 11 athletes by devoting a whopping 1 minute of silence to them at the opening ceremonies, the International Olympic Committee preferred silence themselves, refusing to even acknowledge the requests.

How terribly… enlightened of them.

And by enlightened I mean cowardly, shameful, hypocritical and repulsive.

Deborah Lipstadt’s column ends this way:

This was the greatest tragedy to ever occur during the Olympic Games. Yet the IOC has made it quite clear that these victims are not worth 60 seconds. Imagine for a moment that these athletes had been from the United States, Canada, Australia, or even Germany. No one would think twice about commemorating them. But these athletes came from a country and a people who somehow deserve to be victims. Their lost lives are apparently not worth a minute.

As Selwyn Duke wrote so eloquently in his column Olympic Hypocrisy: Jokes and Jews Need Not Apply,

It’s hard to beat the comic hypocrisy of the United Nations, which condemns Israel while having let nations such as Cuba and Libya sit on its human-rights council. But Western Olympic committees are giving it a run for its money.

Some have heard the story of Greek triple-jump champion Voula Papachristou, who was booted from the Olympics for tweeting a racial joke. This was followed by the expulsion of Swiss soccer player Michel Morganella, who, overcome with anger after a loss, tweeted some ugly sentiments about South Koreans.

The officials who axed them say that such behavior is contrary to Olympic values.

We have to ask, though, what these might be. Consider: While all this was going on, the Lebanese Judo team was refusing to practice next to the Israeli one and demanded a barrier be erected.

Olympic officials complied.

Reacting to this, an outraged Israeli official said, “What? They can’t see us, but they will smell us.”

As for the odor of hypocrisy, it grew even more intense.

Consistent with Western Liberal Stupidity, so long as the enemy is Israel any amount of hypocritical behavior is tolerated, allowed, even expected.   When it comes to Olympic values, the same hypocritical notion appears to rule the day.

Exactly what are Olympic values, asks Selwyn Duke, before explaining.

One thing they are is very, very Western. European nations have become notorious for enacting “hate-speech” laws and exercising a double standard in their application. If a Christian white person criticizes Islam, he’ll sometimes be hauled before a human-rights tribunal and punished. But no such fate awaits a Muslim criticizing Christianity; in fact, even expressing openly jihadist sentiments is often tolerated.

Israel is to the world what Christianity is to America: the only nation you can discriminate against without any worry about recourse.

For reasons I will personally never understand I have been pro-Israel since I was a child.  I wasn’t taught to be pro-Israeli.  My parents could not, as far as I remember, care one way or another about Israel.  I was more… born that way.

I willingly admit my pro-Israeli beliefs are quite irrational; I have no sound reason for my belief that Israel has a right to exist as a nation other than, I suppose,  that they are human beings like the rest of us.

I remember as a child hearing of the outbreak of the 1967 war and being so happy to hear within just days that Israel not only defended herself admirably, but also drove her attackers back with resounding ease.

I remember hearing, in the aftermath of the Munich Massacre,  stories of Israelis hunting down the perpetrators and killing them and thinking. “Good for them.  I hope they kill every last one of them.”

Does that make me anti-muslim? Hardly, but it certainly makes me anti-terrorist.  Terrorists understand one thing and one thing only: violence and death.  You cannot reason with a terrorist.  You can only kill him so that he cannot kill you instead.

The ironic thing about my belief that Israel has a right to exist is that it’s not baseed on anything tangible.  I simply believe it with every fibre of my being and always have.

Come to think of it, that’s pretty much exactly the same as the muslim belief that Israel should be wiped from the map.  Their belief is based, if in anything at all, in pure racism.  Muslims want Israel wiped from the map merely because it exists.  Jews live there and Jews must be exterminated.

Just like the International Olympic Committee is doing with the victims of the Munich Massacre; they’re doing their level best to exterminate any mention of those 11 Israeli athletes who were murdered for the sole “crime” of being Israeli.

To refuse to acknowledge those 11 men by a single minute of silence to honour their sacrifice the International Olympic Committee breaks for foundational principle the Olympics were founded on: being free of politics and war.

Well, to the International Olympic Committee’s great shame they are pandering to Muslim extremists around the globe, just as the United Nations does.

By giving in to the childish whims of Israel’s haters, be they athletes at the Olympic Games or nations at the United Nations, these organizations that are supposed to be above all this petty crap only ensure it will never end.

By erecting a barrier for the Lebanese Judo team the International Olympic Committee won the Gold Medal for Cowardice.

If they had the backbone God gave a gnat they would have told the Lebanese Judo team that if they didn’t want to practice next to the Israeli athletes they were welcome to go back to their hotel rooms, pout all they wanted and not practice at all.

Instead they caved like a house of cards and with about as much resistance.

While treating all athletes equally regardless of race or nation is obviously NOT an “Olympic Value”, World Class Cowardice most certainly is.


7 thoughts on “And the Gold Medal for Cowardice goes to…. Jacques Rogge and the International Olympic Committee

  1. It’s all about money dude, and lots of it, not for you or me or even the hosting cities but for the IOC committee members and their cronies.
    The hosting cities are forced into making infrastructure improvements in a very short time span exposing themselves to corruption and complete lack of oversight,resulting in a massive debt load and court battles that last years to come.
    ‘Athletes Village’ anyone?
    The IOC does not give a rats ass for anyone but themselves.
    It is a mega racket that is totally out of control and carefully designed to suck us all in in the name of ‘the sporting spirit’,fame and riches.
    Ever stop to think what happens to those athletes from the third world dictator type countries when they go home as losers???
    I honestly believe that the ‘Olympics’ is not a good thing anymore.

  2. ok chris…lol !!

    hold on tight for this note !! it aint pretty !!

    first, i believe that this is your WORST post ever.

    i have credited and cheered you when you were right… now i must digress EMPHATICALLY !! since you are WRONG.

    you need to pay attention to who it is in the western world that pushes all these stupid hate crime laws of which you speak; it is jews/israelis/zionists; just like chicago mayor rahm emmanuel, an israeli citizen and former israeli SOLDIER… who hates Christians so much that he doesnt even want to allow the privately owned chick-fil-a franchises to open for business in chicago because their corporations ceo is a Christian that believes in his right to free speech as an american Christian and in his freedom of religion to promote traditional american family values instead of jewish led family destruction through the filth of sodomy, licentiousness, and permanent recreation through constant drugs and random sex, ALL of which the jews ram-rod through our culture from their strongholds in entertainment media, judgeships, and the control of the senate and of the united states presidency.
    senator fulbright, long ago retired and now deceased told of their control of the senate even in his time, and nixon and billy graham spoke of it while nixon was still president.

    the nation of israel has been caught in more espionage against the united states per capita, than all of the other countries of the earth combined.
    they also ruthlessly murdered over 30 american soldiers aboard the uss liberty in 1967 in broad daylight by strafing our navy-men on the decks and torpedoing the boat repeatedly.

    the israeli reason for attacking an unarmed recon vessel of their ally the united states while israel was at war with egypt ??

    to stop the usa from picking up the israeli butchering and slaughter of unarmed palestinian men, women, and children; and to drag the united states into the war on the side of isra-hell by leaving no american survivors and then claiming that the attack was by the egyptians.

    and when our troops and their captain rallied and saved the ship and identified the murderers in their black-painted un-labelled aircraft from the stars of david on their helmets, what happened next ?? NOTHING, no moments of silence, but PERMANENT SILENCE.
    in fact, nearly 30 years later the captain of that ship was finally awarded the congressional medal of honor in the only closed door ceremony of its type in united states history… by bill clinton, who is apparently your side-kick(along with romney and obama) in loving and serving the jews for fuzzy reasons… or perhaps in clintons case, for hard-core power, money, fame, and sexual gratification reasons.

    so what was that about a moment of silence chris ?? how about for americans butchered in cold blood by jews AND THEIR JEWISH NATION ITSELF ?? not only by random angry jews, but by the government of the jewish people, by the actual orders of the prime minister of israel himself.

    these facts were all recited by memory, so feel free to fact check them, but they will certainly be substantially correct.

    and what did Jesus call the jewish leadership chris ??

    he said basically, “you are children of the devil, a liar and a murderer from the beginning… and therefore you will do as your father does.”(which they then did… they lied to pilate and then murdered Christ.)

    when have the jews ever suggested a moment of silence for those men they murdered in cold blood on the uss liberty ?? and remember that the jews control nearly 100% of western media.

    if you loved the jews since you were a child and dont know why because your parents didnt love them, then let me tell you why.

    its because a communist italian named gramsci wrote the book for how to enslave and communize/de-Christianize the west and the united states; and the jews who are the prime movers behind communism followed his brilliant instruction manual to a “t” and got the job done… and you are admittedly proof positive !!

    chris, the jews didnt own and/or control 100% of american/canadian media and academia when your parents were growing up; but they did by the time you were born, and they have been pumping their whimpering self-righteous pity and scamming on you, and for themselves, ever since.
    search out gilad atzmon and brother nathanael kapner, both ethnic jews who are RAMPANT haters of zionism and one also of the jewish religion and of the parasite nation of israel as well.
    also check out the “occidental observer”, the website of professor kevin macdonald; another finely educated realist on international jewry’s attack on Christianity and all other things western.

    or do you “feel” afraid to face the truth chris ?? could these truths place your sacred cow on the altar of truth ?? on the altar of The Truth Himself ??

    remember that Christ said that it is the truth that will set you free; which implicitly demands that the lack of truth leaves you in bondage until the truth frees you.

    there is a very famous and pivotal american that said it better than i ever could when he said,

    “…I shall speak forth my sentiments freely and without reserve. This is no time for ceremony. The questing before the House is one of awful moment to this country. For my own part, I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery; and in proportion to the magnitude of the subject ought to be the freedom of the debate. It is only in this way that we can hope to arrive at truth, and fulfill the great responsibility which we hold to God and our country. Should I keep back my opinions at such a time, through fear of giving offense, I should consider myself as guilty of treason towards my country, and of an act of disloyalty toward the Majesty of Heaven, which I revere above all earthly kings.

    Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.

    I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience[past truth]. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past. …

    i know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty[Truth] or give me death !!”

    … and with that last sentence, im sure you will recognize who the speaker was… the monumental american patriot and statesman, the one and only Patrick Henry, whose amazing legacy at always being adamantly and brilliantly prophetic, concretely Christian, and spine-tinglingly inspiring, is far too unknown.

    please read that again and note his constant recurring to fact-based thinking.

    for another person that has a great website, there is the infamous dr david duke, who earned his doctorate degree studying those children of the devil(the jews).
    (this is not to suggest that i hate those that are merely ethnic jews, as i love brother kapner etc.; but i fight against those ethnic jews who philosophically choose to hate and attack western Christian values, Christianity, and Christ Himself(Christ and His children are obviously the REAL target of satan and his children). of course even those who are not ethnic jews but who are the enemies of western culture and Christian values i also despise, but they are far less of a threat to us than the jews and their father the devil.

    perhaps it is time chris that you delve more seriously into this subject using Jesus Christ and aristotle as your guides… ie “the fruit proves the tree” and “that which conforms to reality is that which is true”(the correspondence theory of truth in western philosophy).
    THIS is the basis of the western worlds success in all things, from liberty to science… we began searching out and then “sticking to” the truth.
    you say that you have “innate feelings” of affection for those that Christ called “children of the devil”, an interesting position for a Christian american-minded canadian !!
    and you seem to hate the arabs and condemn them. yet those innate inexplicable left-brain irrational philosophical theories in the minds of men(whether yours, jews, arabs, neo-cons, or liberals) are the anchors that permanently drag against the foundations of the west, against the philosophies of the founders of the united states, and against the founder of the Christian religion… the Truth Himself, forever trying to drag us below the surf with their reality defying cultural decay which acts as a millstone around our truth-seeking proverbial necks.
    what did Jesus say ??
    He said that if you mislead children that it would be better for you to have a millstone tied around your neck and to be thrown into the sea rather than to mislead those children and to face what you will get from God for that misleading.

    and what do those jews in the entertainment media focus ALL of their energy and money on doing ??

    … on mis-leading OUR Christian Children !!

    and you want moments of silence for the sports representatives of these that Christ said were the children of the devil that would be better off if they were thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their necks ??

    you want moments of silence for the representatives of the international communistic and atheistic philosophical nerve and military center of Christs greatest sworn enemies and crucifiers, the parasitic nation of isra-hell and its jewish leaders ??

    really chris, keep your mind open to the truth and then seek it out from those that know it, and i would suggest starting with some of the best in the field, those whom i noted above; and to do so by following the methods of the historical greats such as Jesus Christ, aristotle, the apostles, the saints, the founders of the united states, martin luther(the jews and their lies), and even mussolini and adolf hitler !! etc.

    one must certainly pause for reflection when you realize that adolf hitler and Jesus Christ agreed on who the father of the jews is and that they also agreed in regards to what the jews aspire to as a group if they are not converted to Christianity… ie, to THE TRUTH.

    that is, that they will lie and murder; and it doesnt matter if it is individuals or nations that they are lying to and murdering, either will do as far as they are concerned.

    chris, either Christ and patrick henry are wrong, or you are wrong; need my little self pass judgement ?? as that truth is, would it matter one mite if i did pass judgement ??

    what can my judgement add to that of patrick henry and the founders, let alone what could it add to the judgement of Jesus Christ ??

    i dare say, “not a thing !!” on either count; so chris, please consider treading lightly when the philosophical deck is stacked so immovably against you.

    best regards,
    in liberty !!


  3. Jeff, you’re making the classical mistake of believing that one person or one group speaks for an entire race.

    While some Jewish groups are indeed behind the push for censorship and hate laws, there are many others who are the polar opposite.

    Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership ( is just one such group and I defy you to say with a straight face that the they are FOR censorship or FOR disarmament.

    Or what about Ezra Levant. He’s Jewish, yet he is one of the strongest and loudest voices for free speech Canada has. Are you going to blame him for what some Jews did somewhere else on the globe? Jeff, that’s just not rational.

    Sure, there are morons in the Jewish race just as there are morons in any other race. Do we hate all Germans because Hitler was one? No, of course not, for that is absurd. Do we hate all Italians because mobster Al Capone was one? No, because any rational human being understands that not all Italians are mobsters.

    Rahm Emmanual can say whatever he wants and make himself look as stupid as he wants on national television. He’s already backed down from his position that Chick-Fil-A is not welcome there because that is flatly unconstitutional and he knows it. He has absolutely no authority to prevent any legitimate company from opening shop in Chicago, for the truth is that Chicago is not “his” city in the first place. He just happens to be the latest moron in a long line of morons to sit in the mayor’s chair.

    While it may not be a popular opinion, especially with you, I firmly believe Israel has a right to exist.

    You want to turn my article into a discussion of every war that Israel has been involved in and every act they’ve ever committed as a nation but in doing so you’re (I suspect intentionally) missing my point.

    My point is that the Olympics are the one place where war is to be set aside and pure sporting ability is the sole arbiter of winning. Yes, that’s idealistic but that was the point of the original Olympic games before the politically correct class got their filthy paws on it.

    The moment of silence was for 11 men who were murdered simply because they were Israeli, not for any other reason. They were murdered at the Olympic games, the one place that this sort of thing was supposed to be free from. They were ATHLETES, not soldiers, if only for that two-week period.

    You want a minute of silence for someone else, great, we can figure that out separately! But stop trying to turn this into something it’s not.

    Look Jeff, I get that you hate Jews. Great. But I don’t agree that you can blame an entire race for the actions of some of its members.

    You’re welcome to disagree with me, Jeff, and I know you do. You can tell me I’m brainwashed by the Zionist evildoers all you like. That doesn’t make it true.

    You will never convince me that I must hate an entire race for the actions of some or even most of its members. To do so would mean that simply because of my Italian heritage I must surely be a criminal, since all WOPs are in the mob, right?

    Misquoting Jesus doesn’t help your position, Jeff. Jesus didn’t condemn ALL Jews, he condemned the evildoers in the synagogue and the Jewish leadership whose own hunger for power meant they had to denounce him.

    Jesus no more denounced all Jews than he denounced his own mother or his Jewish disciples. He understood there were evil people in all races, but that didn’t make all races evil. Do you understand the difference???

    You can’t have Christianity without Christ, and you can’t have Christ without the Jews.

    It makes about as much sense for a Christian to hate a Jew as it does for him to hate his own child. While they may have been evildoers in Christ’s time, they were fulfilling God’s own plan that He ordained before the very foundation of the world.

    Getting back to the point of my article, suffice it to say that while we may agree on many things, this is one area we will simply have to agree to disagree. The 11 Israeli athletes murdered by terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics deserved to be honoured and remembered, for they were murdered at the one place where they should have been safe; on Olympic soil.

    Should I hate a talented gymnast like Aly Raisman simply because she is Jewish? That makes about as much sense as loving another gymnast simply because she is American.

    Jeff, I knew you’d disapprove of this particular article because of your hatred of Jews as a race. You didn’t disappoint. I’m only surprised it took you so long to comment here!

  4. hey chris,

    i only took so long to comment because i hadnt read the article yet ! lol.

    i in no way hate all jews. that is ludicrous. im pretty sure that i have mentioned to you before, if not above, that 2 of my favorite writers on zionism are gilad atzmon and brother nathanael kapner, both ethnic jews; both men that i regard with the highest esteem as brothers in the fight for liberty.

    but ORGANIZED ZIONISM, and the nation of israel are completely different than someone who is merely an ethnic jew.

    you recognize the difference between Christ condemning the jew leadership, and not his own disciples or obviously Himself(although we also have the question of whether the azkenazi jews are really ethnic jews in the first place).

    my stance is more about philosophy than race; although i would be the first to argue that peoples race and culture do help to predispose them to think and/or act in a particular way. (youre a protestant so read martin luthers “the jews and their lies”)

    science has been proving the racial difference in the brains of people conclusively as of late in fact.

    as for israels right to exist, this is a tougher question. if ethnic jews deserve a place for themselves in the middle of arabia because the white germans harassed them unfairly(and there is much proof against the supposed holocaust being as claimed, but for the sake of argument here im accepting it as claimed), so… if the white germans slaughtered jews for fun, than why did the arabs have to give up land and put up with the jews being thrust into their midst ??
    why didnt germany and italy and japan give up a little space for the “land of swindlers” ??

    how is it that whites can force jews on arabs ??

    and if we can, then who says that the arabs cant turn around and throw them out ?? i say that we should let God oversee the question. in fact, i will again quote patrick henry, “there is a just God that presides over the destinies of nations..”

    so on what basis is their right to exist argued ?? if it is that they are Gods chosen people, then they DO NOT NEED america or the west, because if they obeyed God and were his chosen, then God Himself wouldnt have any trouble supplying them with protection, food(manna), and everything else. God doesnt need the usa or canada or israels illegal nuclear arsenal to protect them if they are obeying Him and are His chosen people. so the real test to see if they are Gods chosen is to cut them loose and let God protect them or let them fall. or do you not trust Gods power to protect them from muslims, so that we must do it for God ??

    my personal view is that it would be better for everyone if israel was either dismantled or that ALL practicing jews and zionists were forced to go there(which is actually the provision that i would prefer out of the 2).

    as for the moment of silence for athletes… just because a group of money-grubbers puts on athletic events doesnt mean that war doesnt follow to those events. in fact, it is LUDICROUS and silly to believe that peoples at war will not take the actions that they feel are just at any time and at any place, at least unless they have agreed to act otherwise.

    and as far as i know, the plo, hamas, zionists(and the state of israel) have not agreed to the olympics being neutral ground. the fact that its creators supposedly want it to be so is irrelevant to reality or to war.

    do you actually believe that if osama bin laden were to show up to view the games that the military teams of every western nation would not immediately massacre him and his associates ??

    so the olympics are not neutral ground except when it is politically expedient for them to be reflected on that way.

    as for hating entire groups or even individuals… i just recently had to explain this to a radical liberal blogger who threatened to turn me in to some zionist run watch-dog group !! lol. which i couldnt care less if he does !!! … anyway, i only hate evil philosophies/actions and the people who understandably promote or participate in them or people that similarly promote the degradation of our society and/or culture.

    jews are at the top of all of the above, not muslims, not arabs, not chinese.

    zionism and organized jewry are the plague of the west. they have been for centuries.

    the MORAL ethnic jews that learn the truth then turn on zionism and organized jewry in the hopes that they can save their own people from themselves and the next pogrom that they are fueling, which is sure to come when people wake up to the fact that MOST jews support the organizations that are destroying the west and their own childrens future.

    of course, most jews support jew groups absentmindedly and not knowing the evil of their leadership, but when push comes to shove, they and “their” country of israel have been the beneficiaries of the destruction of “us” and so it will be “they” who bear the punishment… and if you read your bible you will see that God punishes in the aggregate with great regularity. so just because the united states has officially chosen not to follow this path of unilateral punishment in our constitution, it doesnt necessarily follow that God has any plans to alter His chosen methods for judgement against the constantly failing jews.
    ie it rains on the just and the unjust.

    God had no trouble punishing ALL of israel when some of them were evil, although typically it had to be a large percentage or a majority. and sometimes God punished only 1/2 of the jews when they were 2 nations. so the crooked ones, at least(along with their evil nation) should expect another pogrom, and the bible says that they will be getting one in the end times that will be worse than all the others. and it will be well deserved, but i would prefer to try to avert it or to postpone it by waking people up(including jews) to the evil that they do so that it can be stopped before then.

    i have explained for years to young people that you dont make policy based on exceptions, you make policy based on the rule, and then you make individual exceptions.

    that said, neither zionists nor muslims should be allowed in our country(i am speaking of the usa, you canadians can have them all if you want them !! lol !!)

    but the fact is that to date it is israel and organized diaspora in the west that have wreaked havoc on western culture and Christianity, hense why hitler wanted them out; muslims have not been a real problem since the ottoman empire !! except that they are now becoming a problem socially in europe and soon here too, and you know who caused this ?? one guess who it is in all of our countries that supports unchecked third world immigration, including that of muslims ??

    thats right. powerful ethnic jews are behind all of it.

    organized jewry from Christs time until now has continually been nothing but a headache for westerners and Christians because the jewish religion and culture teaches that they are special and above other peoples, which other peoples are swine made by God to serve jews. as Christians, we know that they burned their “special” bridge when they crucified Christ.
    however, i do have 1 question about a comment you made… you seem to suggest that God forced the jews to be evil and to crucify Christ in order to fulfill His plan from the beginning of time ?? is that correct ??
    if that is your view i would seriously digress. #1 there is no proof positive that Christs crucifixion was “planned” from time immemorial.
    #2 even if it was planned, that would not foreclose the jews from repenting from murdering Christ and then having God take a slightly different path. it is well recorded in the old testament that God would often change His mind on judgement when the jews would humble themselves and repent.
    so i would challenge any redemption(or nullification of guilt) for the jews of Christs time based on the supposed ordination of Gods plan.
    however, one must assume that they, or perhaps all humanity, is forgiven for the murder based on Christs own words on the cross, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” of course, maybe Christ was only speaking of the roman soldiers who were actually committing the execution !! since the jews did know that they were committing a completely unjust murder !! although presumably they truly did not believe that Christ was God.

    so the bottom line is that we as Christians and as westerners are being distracted by jews with a phony threat that is supposedly posed by muslims, when the REAL ENEMY is already within the gates.

    you mention the “jews for guns” group, of which i am aware; however, just because some jews support that right doesnt mean the majority do, or that the primary jewish groups do, and that still doesnt mean that they dont support the larger and more powerful jewish groups which are out to foment the destruction of the west and the creation of a global government run by jewish central banks.
    the fact is that it is zionist jews in all levels of government and business that conspire to bend the west to the benefit of israel, marxism, and the “new world order”(total marxist atheist communism).
    this is why the media blacked out ron paul, because he wants to cut foreign aid to everyone, including israel; and to stop fighting wars for israel. when the jewish group had a debate, they invited everyone but ron paul.
    and did the jewish media jump up and down and scream about discrimination ?? nope, not a peep.
    nor did a single republi-con or demon-cratic presidential contender utter a peep.

    so my positions are not about hating jewish people, but of hating forces that are out to destroy my country, my people, and my religion. FORCES OF THE DEVIL hIMSELF !! and if this requires ostracizing certain political factions or cutting all ties with certain foreign nations, than i am all for it.

    george washington said it best…”trade with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”
    clearly we are not following the advice of the guy who fought and won the revolution to free his country from the jewish european central banks.

    in fact, our congress just passed an unconstitutional law that guarantees united states support for a “jewish state” of israel.

    yet it is the jews at the aclu and all of their other organizations that constantly fight AGAINST Christianity in the united states and canada.

    so again, this is about POLICY and not ethnicity, but if youre trying to stop italian crime syndicates, it is the italians that you watch most, not the koreans.

    so if you are trying to support Christianity and liberty in the west, it is the corrupt jewish leadership and the undermining state of israel that you need to watch; as it is they that are behind every communist, egalitarian, socialistic, anti-liberty movement that there is, with zero exceptions coming to mind.

    so i would encourage you to pay careful attention to “the jews”(in prominence). divide to conquer is the age-old strategy of successful warfare; and the jews are using it to DESTROY america and the west from the inside, and i highly doubt canada will escape, as you are already also in the throes of a well orchestrated death designed by jewish marxists who are also global totalitarians, just as were the jews that orchestrated the russian revolution and that ran the murderous regime of the ussr.

    so it is organized jewry and zionism that i hate, as well as marxism(which is also a jewish invention) and the people who understand all of these things and still promote them or support them(the jewish children of the devil, of which Christ spoke, and a few other lackies from other ethnic groups).

    in closing, i welcome any and all jews to switch over to the side of liberty, truth, and justice; where they will be heartily welcomed by me, as well as by brother kapner and gilad atzmon. (brother kapner actually calls the jewish religion, “the religion of death”; and he was reared in it.)

    and for those who dont want to switch over, then they should get free 1 way tickets out of my country; as we dont need zionists or marxists here. this is the land of liberty.
    if the jews get their own “jewish jew country”; then why cant white Christian americans have one of their own ?? in fact, we founded 1 for ourselves here, but it has been high-jacked by zionist marxist jewish terrorists !!

    best regards in truth and liberty, jeff

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