The Coolest .45 Caliber Pistol Ever!

Human ingenuity truly knows no bounds, and this news item certainly shows that.

It’s a metal puzzle cube, 125 pieces in all if you can believe it, that when specific pieces from the cube are assembled properly forms a fully-functional .45 caliber single-shot pistol.

And to make all the nanny-staters happy, it comes with its own lock, so you can’t take the cube apart “without authorization”.

From the article…

Just in case solving a puzzle wasn’t good enough protection from hiding your new handgun, there’s also a special key that you need to use to “unlock” the original cube, before anyone can start taking apart the pieces. So, you can have this block sitting around your home, looking like a nice decorative piece, but all the while you’ll know it’s hiding a very deadly, yet awesome secret.

Not that anyone will be recommending it for home defense, mind you.  Something a little more accessible would be preferred if some violent offender decides to invade your home.  :)

1 thought on “The Coolest .45 Caliber Pistol Ever!

  1. Very interesting! In an emergency I don’t know if I’d be quick enough to find the key, unlock and the assemble the gun! I have an elderly friend who, rather than register his guns, sold them on the black market. For his personal protection he keeps a paint gun in his deepfreeze. He explained to me the gun is very handy to pull out and use quickly. He also explained to that his experiments have shown that a frozen paint ball fired from one of the better paintguns is capable of penetrating 3/4in plywood at 300feet. In his broken English he explained that was good, as his aim was “off” at any distances more than that!

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