RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson finally quits in disgrace prior to sentencing hearing

RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson has finally done something honourable… if you can call quitting in disgracebefore you’re fired as “honourable”, that is, right before you’re about to be sentenced for obstruction of justice.

As regular readers of my columns will already know, Corporal Monty Robinson has been on paid vacation for the past 4 years.  His troubles seemingly started with his leading the group of men that murdered Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanksi in Vancouver International Airport on October 14, 2007.

Testifying before the inquest into the death of Robert Dziekanski, Robinson [allegedly] lied under oath to that inquest.  He and the rest of his murderous companions all face perjury charges for [allegedly] lying to that inquest.  Those charges have yet to be heard in court.

Then, as if he wasn’t in enough trouble already, while driving home drunk from a party Robinson in October 2008, almost a year to the day after he killed Robert Dziekanski, Monty Robinson smashed his Jeep into Orion Hutchinson’s motorcycle, killing him.

Instead of doing the right thing, i.e. rendering aid to the injured and possibly dead Orion Hutchinson, RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson did the one thing he knew would keep him from facing drunk driving charges: he ran home and slammed down a couple of shots of vodka so nobody could every prove beyond a reasonable doubt what his blood/alcohol level was at the time he killed Orion Hutchinson.

What is laughable is Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens’ assertion that he wishes he could have fired Monty Robinson instead of having the disgraced cop quit.

While I have been clear that I was seeking his involuntary dismissal, the opportunity to discharge him from the organization this morning was one which eliminated further delays, costs and uncertainty.”

What a complete and utter joke.

The RCMP has protected Robinson from the very start and repeatedly refused to place him on unpaid suspension even after he killed Orion Hutchinson and obstructed all attempts to investigate his part in Hutchinson’s death.

The RCMP and Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens had plenty of opportunities to deal with Monty Robinson.  They simply refused to do so for over 4 long years.  It was the disgraced Mountie himself who finally took action and quit the RCMP.

All Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens did was sign Robinson’s discharge papers.  That’s hardly what I would call being pro-active.

What disgusts me most about Monty Robinson is not that he does not know right from wrong.  He’s a trained RCMP corporal.  He knows right from wrong very well.

What disgusts me about Monty Robinson is that he just doesn’t care about what’s right or wrong.

From Webster’s Dictionary:

Sociopath: a sociopathic individual: psychopath

Sociopathic: of, relating to, or characterized by asocial or antisocial behaviour or exhibiting anti-social personality disorder.

Anti-Social Personality Disorder: a personality disorder is characterized by antisocial behaviour exhibiting pervasive disregard for and violation of the rights, feelings and safety of others starting in childhood or early teenage years and continuing into adulthood.

Or to put it into layman’s terms…

A sociopath knows right from wrong; he just doesn’t care.

Now I am not a psychiatrist, nor do I play one on television or the internet, but I’m no idiot.  I can see a pattern of behavior as clearly as the next person, and former RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson clearly showed a pattern of behaviour that displays a “pervasive disregard for and violation of the rights, feelings and safety of others.”

It should be worse,” Orion Hutchinson’s friend David Van Den Brink said.  “If you’re trained to do something right, it’s really hypocritical if you’re arresting people for this. And then you do the exact same thing and worse, and then you lie about it and you have no remorse for it and you continue to lie. You won’t stand up and take responsibility for your own actions.”

Robinson patently refuses to do the right thing and puts his own interests above all else, including his own integrity and personal honour and that of the RCMP.

Can you imagine the horror that the parents of Orion Hutchinson have to live with each and every day?  Had Robinson had the backbone to actually do what’s right and check to see if Orion Hutchinson was still alive after he ran him down, Orion might still be alive.

We will never know, since Robinson couldn’t be bothered to check on the injured man lying in the middle of a Richmond, BC, intersection, dying in the darkness.

As horrifying as Monty Robinson’s behaviour is, there is something far more pervasive that must be addressed.

That is the behaviour of RCMP management throughout this entire ordeal.  From the very start they have failed the public and abused the public’s trust in the RCMP.  It’s no wonder that BC, out of every part of Canada, has the lowest opinion of the RCMP.

The RCMP failed to train RCMP Monty Robinson properly, otherwise he would have known how to deal with an upset individual who doesn’t speak English in ways that fall far short of killing him.

The RCMP failed to deal with Robinson properly even after he killed a second person, and his atrocious conduct became public knowledge, not to mention the subject of numerous court cases.

The RCMP either failed to detect his clear sociopathic tendencies throughout his career or what’s worse, they deliberately turned a blind eye to them.

Again, we’ll never know which, since the RCMP isn’t about to admit they did anything wrong.

That’s the RCMP way.

RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson says he wants to change all that.  If the Monty Robinson case is anything to go on, Commissioner Paulson has a very long way to go before I’ll believe him.

As for the pathetic sentence that the Crown is asking for Monty Robinson, just three to nine months jail time or a 12- to 18-month conditional sentence… we’ll have to wait another week to find out what the judge has to say.



1 thought on “RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson finally quits in disgrace prior to sentencing hearing

  1. The Commissioner Robert Paulson has asked for the legislative power to dismiss officers for just cause.

    He claims this power does not exist under the current federal labour legislation governing the R.C.M.P.

    If you can point to where in the current legislation the Commissioner or Assist. Commissioners have powers they’ve not been exercising, please point them out.

    If it’s a policy problem then has the new Commissioner or the previous one Mr. Elliot done anything to reform those policies?

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