Armed Robbers Take Heed: Don’t Mess With Old People

There will always be individuals in society who believe they are entitled to the contents of someone else’s wallet without ever having earned it.  Generally we call these people thieves, although there is an argument to be made that the same is true of welfare recipients, but that’s for another day.

Today I’ll simply deal with the scum who personally like to steal from decent, honest, hardworking people using force.

Allow me to introduce you to Samuel Williams.  He is 71 years old.  He was minding his own business on July 13, 2012, just like he does every day.  On this particular day he was sitting at a station in the Palms Internet Cafe, located in Marion County, Florida, drinking his coffee and surfing the web.

Then the stupid patrol arrived.

Two armed thugs barged inside the cafe and tried to rob the place while Williams and other patrons were peacefully enjoying their refreshments and internet access.

Davis Dawkins, 19, was armed with a baseball bat as he entered the Palms Internet Cafe.  He was followed closely behind by Duwayne Henderson, also 19, armed with a handgun which he waved around like a lunatic once he entered the cafe.

In a show of toughness, Dawkins smashed a computer monitor with the bat to show the patrons they meant business.

They got far more lead than they bargained for (and a lot less cash) thanks to the heroic actions of concealed carry license holder Samuel Williams.

Unknown to the two morons who thought they were going to rob the place, Samuel Williams is a concealed carry license holder in the State of Florida.  He was armed with his legally-owned handgun as he sat peacefully in his chair at his computer terminal.

As the two armed robbers paced through the cafe nervously, Samuel Williams waited for his moment.

When Henderson turned his back on him, Williams pulled his pistol and shot both w0uld-be robbers.  He kept shooting at them until they both fled the store, desperately in need of an underwear change.

Neither man was fatally wounded, and it’s almost funny watching the two brave thugs running for their very lives as they are confronted by an armed 71-year-old man who wasn’t about to put up with their crap.

Based on what I have seen and what I know at this time, I don’t anticipate filing any charges,” Bill Gladson of the State Attorney’s Office, told

Well, not against Samuel Williams, at least.  I’m sure both Duwayne Henderson and Davis Dawkins will face charges and, I would hope, a lengthy stay at a prison of the State’s choosing.

To paraphrase the joke about the armed granny pulled over for speeding who, when asked if she’s armed, reveals she has a couple of handguns in the vehicle with her.  The police officer asks her, “What are you so afraid of?”

Her reply?

“Not a damned thing!”

A word of warning to all potential armed robbers out there: Never mess with old people.




1 thought on “Armed Robbers Take Heed: Don’t Mess With Old People

  1. And one more case where the people protect themselves!!

    If this happen in Canada that elderly man would now be in jail with a list of charges a milke long ,half of which would be pressed by the robbers.And as for the rest of the group in the place, they would one and all be saying “yes well maybe he didn’t have to pull a gun that was a little much” [Did you see the wuss crawl under his chair when they came though the door?

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